At Lux Limo, we like to believe we are giving an excellent quality limo hire service at cheap prices. We are adamant of that fact and we don’t want you to think that we are simply blowing ‘hot air’. However, that’s exactly what we are suggesting you try on one of your hen night activities. It’s ok ladies, we don’t mean go to the pub and discuss politics or the state of the economy, what kind of Hen Night would that be? We want you to add something fun, unique and original to Hen Night proceedings. Do you want your Hen do to be special and to deviate from the typical ones experienced by so many other women? Then take your girls up, up and away on a hot air balloon ride.

What can be better than rising up in the air in the relative safety of a wicker basket, a glass of champagne or wine grasped tightly in your hand, the other hand gripping the rim of the basket as you ascend slowly to the heavens? Imagine finding a hot air balloon venue near your home town and being able to catch a fantastic and peculiar glimpse of it a few thousand feet in the air. We can thoroughly assure you that when you see the city you dwell in from this perspective it will give a whole new slant on things that you never thought possible.

Limo Hire Hot Air Balloon

Your balloon will be excellently controlled by a dedicated and expertly trained pilot who will direct to wherever you wish to float over. Maybe direct him over each of your houses so you can get a true bird’s eye view of it. Don’t forget to bring the camera as I am sure you will get some fantastic pictures from the unbelievable views that you can get onboard just, whatever you do, keep a firm hold of your camera or it may fall into obscurity as you accidently drop it onto the unforgiving road below. Additionally, you may want to brief/persuade some of your Hens that have a slight aversion to heights beforehand to encourage them to take on this activity with you.

However, now we have got that activity sorted, how’s about hiring a Party Bus to accommodate all you fun-loving party animals on your various travels on your most special of occasions that you are to experience in your single life? That’s right, courtesy of Lux Limo you can now have a limo hire service that actually allows you to stand up and have a proper boogie in the complete comfort, luxury and privacy of your own vehicle; or how about travelling about like a bunch of GI Janes in the style and excellence of a hot pink Hummer limousine. Our limo hire service can literally accommodate any needs that you might have so don’t delay in booking your superb Hen night experience today and give us the responsibility of getting you to and from there. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

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