We all know that your wedding day as well as being one of the happiest days of your life but the intricate planning of such an occasion can also be a burden to you as well as a blessing to your day. However one of the main events in the entire collection of the proceedings isn’t even on the wedding day itself and that, of course is the honeymoon where you and your newlywed take a fantastic well earned holiday to begin to build the firm foundations of your married life. However, you don’t want any amount of this unique event to be unheralded so do yourself a favour and hire a limousine with us here at cheap limo hire.

You have probably indulged yourself in wedding car limo hire, which coincidently we do at a superb and competitive price, so you shouldn’t have any qualms about making this special journey to the airport transfer limo hire with the knowledge that we will transport you in a style with is prevalent and befitting of your newly married life. Imagine surprising your new husband or wife by gathering your luggage together and pretending to call a taxi, leaving them picturing a scene where you are crammed into the back a cramped Hackney carriage driven by a rude a surly driver. With a sigh they go outside only to be met by one of our pristine and gorgeous white stretch limousines, or a white Limo Jeep if you are inclined to use this style of vehicle. Be ready to catch their bags as they are sure to drop them in a mixture of shock and excitement and then proceed to fling their arms around you.

Honeymoon Airport Transfer

We here at Lux Limos believe that your marriage should get off to the best possible start so allow us to transport you to the airport you require whilst you and your significant other comfortably make use of plush leather seating and blissfully sip champagne free of any worries that a taxi cab might have incurred. Furthermore, why not heighten the mood of love even further by having either his or her favourite music, more specifically to do with love, softly emanating from the superb quality of a sound system that we have present in all of our vehicles.

Now that you have got the transport sorted (see aren’t we handy?) you just have to choose from the veritable bevy of attractive honeymoon limo hire destinations of which to choose from. If you love a bit of Spain then why not pay a visit to one of the Canary Islands where there are multiple beaches for you and your husband or wife to take very romantic sunset strolls on, further cementing your love and passion for each other. If you fancy something a bit more pacey and fast, then book honeymoon in the fantastic Las Vegas where you can experience great shows, great casino and generally have to best time you can imagine and will certain produce some interesting photos to put in the family album.

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