You have faced controversy, abuse and conjecture all of your life because of your sexuality. Even though you know that you are an amazing person who respects and cares for their community and does each and every thing that you can to make this world a better place, you are still insulted regularly, perhaps looked past in job applications and generally shunned by even total strangers just because you are a homosexually. People seem to forget that there is a little matter of having basic human rights that you are more than allowed to choose whom you decide to fall in love with and the manner of your sexuality.

Here at Lux Limo we see you as a valued customer just like anybody else who decides to take advantage of our cheap and competitive limo hire prices regardless of your sexuality. Our staff and chauffeurs are not prejudiced or discriminatory at all and are more than happy to take you with great aplomb and honour to your civil partnership ceremony where you can join together with your lovely partner and become married, which is also your given right to do so. We don’t believe you should be deprived of the gift of marriage which is why we offer you an option of any vehicle in our fleet. Why not get a lovely stretch white Bentley limo to take you and your partner to the ceremony in complete luxury and the prestige that you deserve. Imagine if you will the look on your friends and family’s face as you arrive in the resplendence of one of our limousines.

Homosexual Civil Partnership Limo Hire

After the ceremony is all said and done and you have promised and vows to each other in front of the mass audience which have gathered for the occasion, our chauffeur will be ready and waiting there to take you both in absolute bliss to the reception that you have organised to herald in your new lives. Not only can you hire transport for yourselves, you can also order a white, black or hot pink 35ft Limo Jeep or two to take your closest family and friends to the reception with you. This adds a lovely touch to the proceedings as it makes them feel very special indeed and more involved.

Whilst inside the limousine you can take advantage of the copious amount of champagne we have generously provided for you to celebrate your joining together and to say a ‘thank you’ to you for choosing us as your limo hire service on this, the most extraordinary of days. Furthermore, like many married couple we understand that you will probably have a honeymoon booked as well. Well, we haven’t let you down so far, so let us take you to you airport of choice in great time, and again great luxury, in a limousine of your choice.

We really want to make a difference and impact to your day so when you are making your myriad of wedding plans, please think cheap limo hire.

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