Hoots mon! I cannae believe ye havene tried oot oor native games yet mah wee lassie! Ok, we admit that is probably one of the hardest sentences that you are going to endeavour to read in a while but believe us, it is clearly indicate a simple point; that point being that you should really go out and do something wild, original and whacky on your Hen weekend excursion. It should be something that you have never, ever tried before and something that you probably aren’t going to try again, but, who knows?

However we digress, the activity that we are suggesting that you try out and try and take to your heart is some Highland Games. We are fathoming that you didn’t see that suggestion coming at all. Well, we here at Lux Limo like to surprise you wherever we can; whether it is providing you with excellent information of what diverse things to do you can try out on your ‘last few days of freedom’ or hiring out to you some of the most exquisite limousines driven by our excellent and diligent chauffeurs at cheap limo hire prices. In short, we aim to please you, the much valued customer as much as we can, wherever we can.

Highlands Games Cheap Limo Hire

So, what can you expect on your excursion to Edinburgh and experience the Highland Games at their best. Well, you will expected to show the staff and your girlies just what secret strength you have stored away in those nimble, lithe muscles of your as you endeavour to ‘toss the caber’. Immediately laughter and hilarity will ensue as every girl will probably get the technique and art of tossing said caber wrong and will need to have essential guidance to complete the said task. You can begin enhancing and accentuating the fun by placing small bets and wagers on each other that can either carry alcohol prizes which you have purchased before the trip, or party penalties of varying degrees of embarrassment.

You can really get your hands dirty by participating in such delights as welly tossing and having the most fun since you were children. And the recapturing of that innocence is surely worth the activity fee itself. How about a tug of war to show just which team of girls really dominates the other with the losing team having the forfeit of getting the drinks in for the winners for the rest of the night? Sounds good and fair, no? Furthermore you can always corrupt that innocence on the dance floor as you and your fellow Hens strut you stuff and tempt and taunt all of the randy gents that may have gathered together in the nightclub limo hire.

So do yourself a favour and an indulgence by booking an 8-seater limousine in hot pink, or a baby pink Limo Jeep to take you safely and securely to Edinburgh to experience this weird and wonderful Scottish world of sport. Hire with us here at Lux Limo where your enjoyment is our passion.

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