After you have been dating for such a period of time you may have been wondering when Mr. Right was going to get down on one knee and make you the happiest lady in the world. Well the time has come; you have said ‘Yes’ and wedding plans are in full swing. But it need not be ‘all work and no play’ as one other major event needs to be planned before you walk down the aisle and into the world of matrimony. And that is the major celebration with your best friends that needs to be sorted before you say those immortal words; “I do.” And that is the Hen Night. Whatever the way you choose to spend this evening full of excitement and rapture, be rest assured that we have a limousine to suit anything you desire.

Now whether you are the bride-to-be or one of her best mates who has been left in confidence of delivering one the best nights of her life you need to be right in the thick of good planning and need to know what are the best things to do on such a special evening. Apart from the first port of call being booking a limousine service to kick of the Hen Night with a ‘bang’ (for example booking our fantastic and luxurious pink Hummer limousine) you need to know what activities are ‘hot or not’.

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First of all you need to decide a theme for your hen nights. Depending on the personality of the bride you can decide on something that will really bring out and accentuate the personality of her and show off to the world and remind every guest that has attended why you all love her friendship so much. This theme can be saintly with a night out a fantastic restaurant, then off to a comedy club to relieve stressful wedding planning feelings with the aid of the medicine of laughter, then off to club to dance the night away to your favourite cheesy tunes from today and your childhood and generally have an amazing time. However, if the bride is more of a sinner than a saint you can make plans, costumes and book venues to suit her naughty but nice nature.

One of the increasingly popular traits of the Hen Night is to invite not only some of the bride’s family but also some of the prospective in-laws. This can be seen as a vital ice breaker between the two families and hopefully will create firm bonds between both parties and will let the bride be more relaxed when she finally becomes a member of the new family. And what better way to impress them then by taking them along for the ride with the bride in the limousine, with our help this can happen and you will have one happy bride and one happy set of in-laws on your hands.

You just have to remember that whatever you do or get up to make sure the bride is the centre of attention and that her ‘last day of freedom’ is one of the days she can look back on with the firmest of affection in future years.

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