As any fine and upstanding member of the Jewish community knows, December time definitely does not only belong to the Christian faith and their festival of Christmas. For it is also the time of celebration for the Jewish faith in the form of Hanukkah limo hire. This is a time that must be celebrated and revered by any respected and faithful Jewish family in the community.

As you know this is a very busy time of the year for you and your family and you must start making plans for your Hanukah limo hire celebrations as early as possible in the year as if you leave arrangements too late, things and amenities may get booked up and your own particular homage to this 8 day holiday will be ruined. The first thing to discern is what is actually going to happening on these days. If you are to arrange a big family gathering there are many factors that you must think through before the festivities are upon you. And when transporting large family numbers think of cheap limo hire, most probably in a big white or black Hummer limo hire vehicle.

Firstly, has there been a big enough venue, home or other such place booked that is able to hold and cater for the volume of guests, both family and friends, that are descending upon you this Hanukah limo hire? You may be thinking of holding celebrations in your home however this should be as a last resort. If you order a local function room or village/town hall you will have access to their kitchen and facilities and also will have ample space that is specifically designed for occasions such as this. You can still decorate the place to your liking, the only difference is none of the features of your home are in danger of being broken, trodden on or wrecked.

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Secondly, have you got the choice and traditional Jewish foods prepared that all of your family, friends and community know and love so well? As you know you will have to have copious amounts of olive oil on hand to do your cooking in. This is because of one of the original Hanukah Menorah miracles when a Jewish High Priest found a flask of olive oil that was only supposed to last him one day, instead it went on for eight. Be sure to serve copious amounts of latkes (potato cakes) as these are an ever popular dish at Hanukah limo hire. Also, don’t forget to indulge everybody’s sweet tooth by deep frying all those lovely sufganiyahs (doughnuts) to keep everybody happy.

Once this is done it is time to sort out the traditional Hebrew music to get the family and community singing together and accentuating the mood for togetherness. After the meal is over, it is time to move onto to more fun activities by involving everybody in traditional Hebrew games such as Driedel where you can have copious amounts of fun.

Whatever you do, give us the honour of helping you out with quality service and cheap limousine hire.

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