Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Do you hide under your covers at the witching hour and do yourself feel more insecure if there is a full moon adorning the sky? If that is true then we can even sense that your blood is curdling, even though we are far away from you, it’s obvious to see. Yes folks its Halloween time again and with it comes parties which you are invited to and told to look spooky and get fairly messy on witches brew (usually a noxious combination of fruity vodka and other assorted spirit).

However, you and your brood of would-be Dracula’s need to be taken about to your various appointments and also need to be taken back to your crypt safely and soundly before the sun rises, give or take a few hours. This is where we at Lux Limo step in; the excellent limo hire company with spookily low prices. We will happily take you wherever you wish to go in whatever messy and frantic disguises you have crudely adorned yourself. We will also endeavour to decorate the black Hummer limo that you have hired in a way becoming of a fantastic Halloween theme. Inside we can have black webbing, red laser light going off, and horror themed music blasting out of our fantastic audio system and whatever else you can think of.

Halloween Party Limo Hire Limo Hire

Furthermore, due to our chauffeurs being incredibly good sports as well as phenomenally good drivers we can also have them play along with the theme by having us dress them up in any manner that you see fit. As long as it isn’t too outrageous, having your chauffeur in fancy dress could top of the night excellently and act as the ‘cherry on top’ when you arrive in one of our wonderful vehicles and make your entire friend’s jaws drop.

If you are holding a Halloween party however, there are a few bare essentials that need to be thought out before proceedings. Firstly, you need invites; you can’t just have guests coming that are invisible ghosts and spirits. Having real breathing people makes for a much more fun atmosphere and will certainly liven up proceedings. The next thing that you have to decide is whereabouts you are going to hold your Halloween extravaganza. If there are a lot of friends coming then may we suggest you not hold it at your home? This is because the venue will be far too small and some of your possessions may get broken or suffer some significant damage by stampeding party animals. If you hold your party at a nightclub or such, you can be safe in the knowledge that there is an ample dance floor and a VIP area reserved for you to get your ‘monster mash’ going.

So, you when you get fairly merry on alcohol and come out looking literally like death warmed up we are there to pick you up in a hot pink, white or Hummer limo hire.

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