“I know what you’re thinking; was that 5 shots he fired or 6? To be honest, in all the excitement I have forgotten myself...but you have to ask yourself one question ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do you, punk?!!” The immortal words of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry probably resonate loudly when you think of handguns and the like. Although it is quite a taboo subject, hundreds of us as kids had cap guns and loved the thrill and power of carrying it even though the only way you’d hurt anybody with it is if you threw it at them. Since then you have grown up as a fine, upstanding adult and valuable member of your community but you’d be fibbing if you didn’t admit that the notion of firing off a few shots with a real gun in a safe and secure environment doesn’t get your heart racing.

Well, as you may or may not know, there are many venues in the UK, specifically shooting clubs that cater to train Olympic athletes in the art, that allow you make a booking there and take advantage of a high level of training expertise and also the chance to get your hand on some fantastic weaponry. Already, I gather, this is sounding like a lucrative addition to your Stag Night list of activities and one that any fun-loving, thrill-seeking gang of blokes are going to enjoy. Imagine holding in your hands such a lethal bit of equipment then seeing how good your aim is by firing it with as much confidence as you can muster into a designated target. The instructor will take the lot of your paces from the smallest handgun to something as powerful as a double-barrel shotgun, that’s if he thinks you’re man enough and can handle it.

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Above all else, imagine the stories that you can take away from this fantastic experience. Furthermore the pictures you will be able to take on the day will be fantastic to share with each other after the Stag weekend is over not only with your friends, but also to show the rest of the family what exactly it was you got up to. The shock and surprise on everyone’s face will almost be worth the activity price alone.

But what better way for you to get your gun-hungry Stags to and from the venue in a safe and secure fashion then by tying the shooting experience in with wonderful and fantastic experience of riding in the sheer luxury of a limousine courtesy of the valued staff here at Lux Limo. Picture yourself and the stags making use of all the features and mod-cons that are contained within all our limos. Why not indulge yourself by travelling in legendary class by hiring one of our gigantic black Hummer limos or 4X4 Limo Jeeps to really deliver you on time and in the essence of brilliance. With the experience and expertise of our chauffeurs behind the wheel you are sure to have a day to remember and cherish forever.

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