Well, they’ve done it! And you are immensely proud of them and what they have achieved. You feel that you are literally going to explode with joy and adulation when you see your child don THE uniform and go up on the stage in front of all their peers and the prestigious collection of authority that have gathered, and watch your shining star receive the degree that they have worked and studied all the hours that God has sent to them.

Yes, you’re child have achieved a great and noble feat and graduated with excellence in their chosen university degree. When telling you of their passing you collectively let out a sigh of relief that not all of their 3 years there of their selected educational institution wasn’t all crazy fun and random frivolity. You are pleased that they brought home great news and not just piles of dirty washing to your doorstep. So now, take time out with your family to admire what they have done and get the camera ready.

You may have not had the honour of walking the hallowed boards of a graduation hall in your life but there are two things that you have to remember; firstly, it’s never too late, universities ALWAYS have a policy of taking on mature students. Secondly, you have raised and nurtured your child very well and have formed them into growing into the fantastic, well rounded ladies and gentlemen that appear before you in their robes and mortarboards today.

So, why not put the finishing touch on this most fantastic day by indulging the circumstance of their gradation by hiring a limousine to transport you, your family and the man or woman of the hour themselves in the back of a white or black 8-seater limo. We can promise you that no other way can there be prestige given to the occasion than having you and the family treat yourselves to cheap limo hire. We here at Lux Limo believe that is simply a no-brainer. Your family deserves this honour and deserves this RIGHT to travel like the VIPs that you are without having to pay through the nose of the privilege.

University Graduation Limo Hire

Furthermore, you can make your child’s day by clubbing together with the parents of the firm friends that they have made during their time at university and transporting them all safely and together in their own black Hummer limo hire. This way they can experience and thrills that come from the occasion and express them much more with their friends and peers who have basically been by their side at the university since they arrived and helped them cope and see things through.

So, what you waiting for, this could be a once in a lifetime occasion for your family so do you best to make the most of it and you can do that by booking an experience of a lifetime with us here at Lux Limo hire where service and honour to your day is at the utmost of our priorities.

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