Do you and your gang of girls fancy yourselves as a good and keen set of orienteering enthusiasts? Is it always you that comes to your partners rescue on the way to somewhere or back from a faraway place by consulting the map and stopping yourselves getting lost somewhere along the A5? Would you consider that possibility that you might just have an inbuilt compass nestled away deeply in your brain that you can always find your way home in a manner that is usually befitting the sheer expertise of the homing pigeon? If you have answered “Yes!” to these impromptu questions then may we, here at Lux Limo, respectively ask you to put your money where your mouth is and show us you mean business?

Hopefully this has riled you up, but we are challenging you in completely good faith. What we are suggesting is adding a pursuit to your every growing list of activities that seems to be breeding on your Hen weekend itinerary and take you and your girls deep into heart of Sherwood Forest to indulge yourself in a GPS hunt to negotiate out yourself out the forest and to victory. The plan for the day is simple. You are met and greeted by the people who run this weird and wonderful adventure day and then are split into groups. From there you are firmly dropped in the centre of ‘Robin Hood’s old playground’ and given a GPS system (A Sat-Nav for the laymen like you and us). The winner is the first group of girls to make it out of the forest first giving them ultimate bragging rights for the rest of the weekend.

There are a veritable bevy of reasons why you should add this peculiar little past time to your Hen weekend extravaganza. One of the main reasons is team bonding, and the family attitude that the staff here at Lux Limo possess firmly believe that to be one of the most important aspects of the premise of the Hen night itself. It is meant to make the friendships that already have with you favourite bunch of girls just that much stronger and make you realise just why you are such a close-knit group. You could find yourself getting a tad emotional on your day out but that only serves to heighten the experience that you will ultimately look back in, for many years, as some of the best few days that you have ever had in your life.

We are in no doubt that you will very much worn out by the time the day is over and the last of your group of friends has made it safely out of the forest, eventually, so why not do yourself the pure luxury and indulgence of hiring a hot pink Hummer limo to be there to pick you up with ease and take you to the hotel, pub or wherever weary selves fancy going. It’s your hen night and your wish is our command.

Hen Night GPS Hunt On 0800 002 9475