Fore! How’s about clubbing together and treating the groom-to-be, the ever proud and special Stag out for a fantastic and refined day as he is ever going to get? Is he always teasing you lot about his superb handicap and how he gets his clubs professionally formed and polished to the utmost highest and optimum quality? Does he countless relay ‘that’ story to you where it is wasn’t for an errant gust of wind on the 7th he would have had a hole-in-one instead of a birdie? Or does he generally thinking he can outplay the rest of you as easy as pie? Well now you can treat that golf-loving Stag to an experience of a lifetime by booking a session at some of the country’s most renowned courses. At least this way you have something truly fun to add to the Stag weekend itinerary and make sure that the Stag in question puts his money where his mouth is and either ‘puts up or shuts up’.

Of course it is all in good nature and most of all is a thoroughly good laugh which is what the weekend is all about; friends and laughter. That’s not to say you can’t have a wee wager or two riding on it. Like prizes for the overall winner, the member of the stag party who managed to get an eagle or birdie to the lesser end of the scale where forfeits are incurred for stags who hit their ball out of bounds or in a bunker; for those stags who like to take their ball for a swim and hit it in a lake or for those inexperienced golfers who can hardly hit the ball at all. All of these factors add up for one special day and the forfeits and penalties can be as harsh or tame as you like, we like to suggest a penalty involving alcohol is usual one that can work best.

Golf Limo Hire Trip

For those stags in your part that haven’t even picked up a club before, please don’t despair. There is expert help on hand in the form of the golf tutors on sight who can even offer to improve the game of the most experienced Stag golfing connoisseur amongst you. So, what else can compound this experience and make it even more better value for the budding Tiger Wood’s of your group?

Well how about having the opportunity to be treated like the true golfing VIPs you are and truly indulging yourself in the cheap hire limousine experience? Just envisage you and the guys turning up to the golf course with the air of pure nobility and celebrity as you prepare to do battle on the links. What’s more you have the impact of the dazzling beauty of the white or black limousines that can seat 8 people or the mammoth 35ft Limo Jeeps that can easily accommodate 16 rowdy Stags on their travels. So, don’t delay, book your golf and limousine hire excursion today, and start with us here at cheap limo hire.

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