Ever since you were a little child you probably had a special bond to riding go-karts. Most of the staff here remember being in their school days, waking up on a Christmas morning and unwrapping some variation of a pedal powered go-kart and looking at our parents with a mixture of excitement, happiness and undulated joy in abundance as we hastily rushed outside in our pyjamas, rain or snow, to try them out.

Whether we got pneumonia from this experience or not, we have kept this bond to these vehicles for a lifetime and, for us, it has manifested itself in provided the best quality white, pink or black stretch and Hummer limousine, Fire Engine Limos and Party Buses available to hire in the region and in the UK. For you, it may have been that you just drive a humble car but miss the thrill of racing your mates round a set track, especially if an opportunity arose where the go-karts are faster, nimbler and swifter around even trickier circuits.

Well, as you may or may not be aware that just around the corner of nearly every town, you will probably find such a venue to facilitate your racing needs. And wherever that venue may be, you can be sure that we here at Lux Limos will happily transport you and your closest racing buddies swiftly and safely to the racing venue. Imagine if you will being truly indulged in a high quality and luxurious Limo Jeep which is available in a colour of your choice and turn up in a style which is befitting and surely will accentuate your nature and will definitely make an incredible impact on all that see it, especially the staff at the venue in which you turn up at.

Go Karting Limo Hire

Now, let us go into what kind of activities and races that you can indulge yourself in with your friends and family in on your actual day out at the races. Hey, it might not be Formula one, but it’s a start and even the 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton had to start small too.

How about a sprint race? Here you have to do a set number of laps and post a successful time that will hopefully qualify you for the final. It is here where you encounter the thrill of the race against your fellow competitor as you vie for the finish line and stake your claim as the champion of your particular party. You will undoubtedly be presented a small trophy and another bottle of champagne to add to the generous collection that we have supplied to you throughout our limousines. There are also the endurance races to be had where strategy lies in who can outlast who and will no doubt be a testament to those good and bad drivers that might be in your party.

Whatever you decide to do on your jaunt into the world of Kart racing be rest assured that choosing us to accommodate your travel arrangements for the day will be one of the best decisions you have made in a long while.

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