One of the main factors that come into conflict in our worlds both as teenagers and adults throughout all of our life is the aspect of our sexuality. If you are gay or lesbian man or woman respectively then you have no doubt had to bear witness to some sort of either prejudice or discrimination towards you by either people you may now or, more startlingly by strangers on the street who think that they have a right to be able to criticise and insult your way of life.

Well, unlike some of the business and people whom you may have deal with from your day to day life you can be rest assured that when you book a limousine with us here at Lux Limos you will get the highest quality in service that you’d expect to have delivered to you by any company of our prestigious and excellent nature. This is because we see you as the fine, upstanding generous human beings that you are. We don’t judge, criticise or make any sort of comments whatsoever, we are just here to give you the best possible limousine for you event just like we do for everybody else.

Be rest assured that our fully uniformed limousine chauffeur swill be as friendly and professional as they ever are and will offer you a very polite and proficient service that is sure to dazzle, surprise, shock and delight you wherever you wish us to take you.

Gays and Lesbian Limo Hire

Maybe you are thinking of hiring one of our prestigious Bentley limousines to take you as either the bride and groom, or just guests to celebrate the ceremony and nuptials that are expressed in same-sex weddings. If this is what you wish to hire us for then go ahead, we’ll ‘get you to the church on time’ and be there with promptly with a smile on our face. Also feel free to have the car decorated in the specific nature of your choice. If you want pink ribbons or bow, burgundy, white or silver, your wish is our command and we are happy to accommodate your every whim and desire.

Maybe you are planning to go to the school prom but are worried that your sexuality may single you out and you won’t get the service you deserve. Well, let us reassure you that those fears are entirely misplaced as you and your partner are entitled to dress up and go to the prom just like any other person has the right too. So we ask you to cast those dispersions aside and hire either a pink, white or black Hummer limo or Limo Jeep to seat all your firmest and closest friends; or even a Party Bus, again decorated to your specifications where you can get the party started by boogie down to the latest music with a glass of complimentary alcohol free champagne in your hand.

Whatever you are planning to do, don’t delay by coming to us for a fantastic and brilliant limousine experience that is a RIGHT to you and not a privilege.

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