How does the thought of going to the seaside, jumping onboard a little boat, trundling a little way out into the sea and casting off your fishing line hoping to land a huge catch and provide you with the bragging rights to all of your mates? Then why not turn a day of fishing into something that can heighten an accentuate any kind of event that you may be planning; whether it be for a simple day, out, a birthday or even better an event to contribute towards your Stag or Hen day/weekend party plans to add that extra and peculiar bit of spice and intrigue into your day.

There are many different types of fishing but the most popular kind, and most probably the style that you’ll be partaking in is Deep Sea boat fishing, where it’s not all about what you catch on the day but the experience you have with your friends too. The experience skipper on board will guide you, even if you are a total beginner, in every way possible and try and get you to land the biggest catch of the day. There are some competitive prices out there that usually include boat hire, fishing rods and tackle, the expertise of the skipper and the onboard training itself. We can also tell you another area where the prices are low and always competitive to the market, right here at Lux Limos.

Imagine you and your group of merry stags being picked up in one of our mean looking for ultimately beautiful black Hummers. You can all feel like Arnie or Sly Stone for the day as you get expertly driven to the fishing destination of your choice. Upon entering the limousine you may like to crack open a few beers and begin a weekend that is sure to be full of laughs, thrills, adventure and fun which will definitely be provided in part by your fishing excursion. Inside the Limo Jeeps that you have hired you will find multiple plasma screen TVs connected to a DVD player. So why not stick your favourite action movie on, sit back and relax as you forget that you are actually travelling somewhere and feel like you are in the comfort of your own living room. Hopefully you can see the major appeal in this, which is all included in the low price that you pay for this excellent limo and fishing adventure.

After you all have had your day at sea, a limousine could be promptly ready and waiting at the harbour ready to take you onto your hotel that you are all staying at; furthermore, you may also book our limousine and chauffeur to take you out on the town in the evening so you won’t be left stranded in there and still be enjoying the magnificence that is the limousine experience.

So, plan your fishing and limo experience with Lux Limos where making your stag do the best thing possible is our specialty.

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