There are a few core factors that can easily please a girl in the world as you know. You aren’t too fussy, you just have a little list of pleasures that you enjoy and if you are happy then everyone’s happy because no one wants to be on your bad side, especially if you are a prospective bride-to-be who is full of stress over the planning of your big day. So basically, your loves in life come down to chocolate, clothes and alcohol.....oh and guess the fiancée too, but he isn’t that important in the grander scheme of things.

Therefore, we suggest, before your big night out with the girls on your Hen night, that earlier in the day you all meet with a fashion consultant and have a day out with them creating a new wardrobe for yourself and, most importantly finding an outfit that is sure to wow everybody when you don it for the evening’s festivities.

Just think about i, with a skilled qualified fashion consultant aiding you on your choices you can hardly go wrong when making an impact. They are trained to advise you on everything from your tops to your socks and from your trousers to your bras, their expert knowledge will pay off dividends when you throw all the good tips together and wear an outfit that will be the envy of your friends. Furthermore, the bride-to-be can be treated with the VIP treatment she deserves. It will definitely take the weight off of her shoulders when the fashion consultant picks out some ravishing and beautiful beach or holiday wear for her to pack in her suitcase for her and her new husband’s fantastic honeymoon.

Fashion Consultant Day Hen Night

So, what better way to be taken to the shops then by being transported there in the blissful luxurious surroundings of the interior of one of our fantastic limousines, loving hired out for you by the staff here at Lux Limo? Live the life of a fabulous celebrity shopping icon like Coleen Rooney and let you and your girlies have a day out which, let’s face it you have deserved and worked long and hard to afford. An ideal vehicle for your fashion trip would be one of our stunning 8-seater pink limos which are expertly driven by our very smart and very professional chauffeurs who are trained to abide and oblige your every specific detail.

What’s more, after you are heavily laden down with bags full of clothes, our chauffeur will be ready and waiting at a very convenient place in the limousine to take you either home or to a hotel. Of course, being a limousine, it has ample space for anything you decide to buy, so feel free to shop till you drop.

So, why the devil not try out the fashion and limousine experience? Learn to spoil yourself for once and then go back to planning one of the biggest days of your life. Perhaps you’ll be booking our limos for that day to, so we hope you like us.

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