If you are an avid football fan you are no doubt away of the tournament, perhaps what can be regarded as a festival, of football held every year in the form of the FA Cup. This prestigious trophy gives the chance to the minnow and low league teams to be able to have their time in the spotlight and endeavour to do the best that they possibly can in the competition. The added incentive here is that these teams could have the extraordinary and astonishing opportunity of competing against and maybe hosting, some of the country’s best teams, most often from the highest level at the premier league.

Imagine this scenario if you will. You aren’t a ‘glory hunter ‘and although you live just a few miles away from Coventry and the home of Coventry City Football Club, the team of Kidderminster Harriers are you passion. You hardly ever miss a home game and often find yourself using up the rest of your free time following them on their away travels. For you, The Harriers represent a huge part of your life and you wouldn’t be the kind of person you are today without them; furthermore, to your pleasant amazement, they have battled and tousled their way to the third round of the FA Cup, beyond all expectation and have booked themselves a clash with the mighty Manchester United at your home ground.

What better way to celebrate such an auspicious occasion and match then by coming to us and letting us facilitating your every footballing whim. We can do this by hiring out to you a fantastic black Hummer limo literally bursting with features and all sorts of mod cons; or, if you are looking for something a little bit bigger how about a 35ft long Limo jeep available in a colour of your choice. Imagine you, the lads and indeed lasses having the great opportunity of going to this major fixture in one of our beauty behemoths. Once inside you can all experience the features that make riding a limousine so fantastic and exclusive an experience.

Because you chose us as your firm of choice let us thank you by providing copious amounts of beer on ice to help ‘wet your whistle’ which, in turn will help you scream and shout for your team once you get into Aggborough and get yourself seated. We also have an amazing sound system so you can put on inspirational motivational music tracks to perhaps break up the tension and heighten the excitement of the forthcoming game. Even if you have something as random as ‘Kidderminster Harriers’ greatest goals and games’ we will be more than happy to stick it on our DVD player for you to watch on the multiple plasma screen TVs.

Whether you are a Kidderminster fan, or a fan of one of the teams which have made it to this year’s final, we will endeavour to take you to any game you wish because giving you a fantastic limousine experience is what we do best.

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