Deep in the heart of the humble county of limo hire inCornwall lays a true and beautiful marvel that exists on our green and pleasant land. As soon as you enter the charming and quaint town of St. Austells you are met by the truly tremendous vision of multiple and enormous artificial biomes that go together to make up the world’s biggest greenhouse. If you haven’t guessed it already, or think that we at Lux Limos, where cheap limo hire always comes with superb quality, have temporarily lost our senses and are imagining some lucid scene from a science fiction story, let us allay your fears and tell you what we are on about.

The place that we are referring to is, of course, The Eden Project limo hire. The entire concept of this complex is truly astonishing. There are millions of species of plants from all over the globe being grown in the different biomes (facilities for artificial environments). They are able to do this by imitating the unique climate requirements that each of these plant species naturally grows in. This is due to the way the biome has been constructed. The reason that it is so unique is that it has the look to the layman as if it is made out of giant bubble wrap. However, once you get down to the nitty-gritty facts of the matter you begin to realise how truly remarkable the construction of this complex is.

Eden Project limo hire

The biomes are made out of a structure of hundreds of hexagons and pentagons each containing a transparent cushion of tough plastic. However, the use of the Eden project limo hire isn’t entirely scientific. It has often be used to house some musical concerts such as the “Africa calling” part of the Live8 concert that was put on to highlight the poverty stricken world back in 2005. Since the avocation of the complex as a classy venue acts like Lily Allen, Oasis and The Verve have all booked gigs to go and see what it is like to perform there for their devoted fans for themselves. The actual project itself opened way back at the start of the millennium in May of the year 2000. And it serves millions of eco-friendly tourists every year.

It also has been known to verge on the zany side of things such as; in 2007, they invited the entire collection of residents in Cornwall limo hire to descend upon the Eden Project limo hire and partake in a potentially record breaking ‘world’s biggest pub quiz’. This was all done in good faith to bring lottery funds to parts of Cornwall that needed it.

So why not go and see this modern marvel for yourself and take advantage of our cheap limo hire. Don’t be worried as we are a very stringent company in the way that we strive to be carbon neutral and have our limousine hire vehicles meet the best standards for emissions also. So, what are you waiting for? Come to the Eden Project limo hire company today and let us help you have one amazing day.

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