The Hummer limousine is a truly astounding, record-breaking stretched limo. It is officially the largest limousine in the UK, with its 16 passenger capacity, and 37 foot long body, and is equally massive and spacious inside – providing true luxury and comfort for all passengers during your hour long cruise around Dudley.

But something the H2 Hummer limo doesn't often get credited with is being the most versatile limo in the country – making it the best choice in Dudley for a whole host of special occasions and events. Whatever event you might be planning in Dudley, you really can't go wrong with a H2 Hummer limo – its a perfectly ideal choice!

One particularly popular use in Dudley for the Hummer limousine is for school proms in Dudley. It is currently the most popular and hottest limousine of choice and, thanks to the variety of colours and styles, it doesn't matter if you're heading out with the guys, partying with the girls, or going out with a mix of the two – there will be a Hummer limo for hire in Dudley for your school prom to suit your needs. The Hummer limousine is available in Dudley for school proms in sleek black, stunning pink or elegant white – the choice is well and truly yours!

The H2 Hummer limo in Dudley is also a great choice for kids birthday parties, providing plenty of on board entertainment (with sound systems and great LCD TV/DVD player set ups) as well as bags of room to fit all your child's guests and friends on board in comfort – no more being cramped in taxis or in multiple cars to get to your kid's party venue, travel in spacious comfort and luxury with the Hummer limo for a kids birthday party in Dudley!

Alternatively, there is yet another use of hiring a Hummer limo in Dudley that you may not have considered – how about for your Dudley wedding day? Here at Lux Limo we know that most people have their sights set on a traditional stretched limousine, or a classic vintage Rolls Royce or Bentley wedding car, but the Hummer limo is a modern alternative that is both luxurious and practical. Not only does it offer some of the finest luxury in limousines that we've ever seen, with stunning leather seating, fantastic neon lighting, state of the art on board entertainment, and even a champagne bar, but its 16 passenger capacity makes it ideal for transporting large groups of family members, friends and other wedding guests around from one venue to the next. Perhaps you'd like to travel with all of your close family from the ceremony venue to the reception venue elsewhere in Dudley, and you want to do it in style. The Hummer wedding limo for hire in Dudley is the only way to do it in one vehicle, and in reams of style.

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