For a long time in this great and noble land of England, a peculiar but special hobby or pastime of ours has offered its own special thrill to us, especially when we indulge ourselves in placing a little wager on one of six animals generally referred to as ‘man’s best friend’. The sport that is being referred to is of course greyhound racing limo hire and has for long been a focal point on the horizon on any racing fans list of likes. If horse racing is the ‘sport of kings’ then greyhound racing should be called the ‘sport of princes’ because it offers just a big thrill on this smaller scale than you would experience standing in the enclosure at the prestigious Royal Ascot limo hire.

But what makes greyhound racing so good? Furthermore, why is it one of the best experiences and events you can book for your stag nights? Well there are a myriad of reasons why this is the case but one of the first being that we can deliver you and your party safely and securely to the greyhound racing track of your choice. Feel free to get the experience of bunch of gamblers underway by getting some rock music coursing through the speakers of our elite audio system whilst you and your friends sit in luxury and sip champagne just like the celebrity rock stars you see crawl out of limos in the newspapers.

Dog Races Limousine Hire

The popularity of the sport can be seen in the various attendance figures recording throughout Britain during the series of meetings held in the season. For instance, in 2007, an astonishing 3.2 million visitors descended on 26 stadiums and witnessed 5,750 meetings alone. There are 28 stadiums in total in Britain so you are never too far away from a quality racing establishment.

For example, there is a greyhound stadium right in the heart of the midlands, with meetings being contested in the city of Coventry. For admission as little as £2.50, Midlanders can experience the thrill of the chase. As well as this, the stadium also has an event to cater for Hen parties in the form of their August Ladies day where girls are treated to wine, great stadium seats, a lovely meal and not only a waiter service at your table, but also a betting service to boot. If you live more to the east than the west of the Midlands then you may want to choose Nottingham Greyhound track. It is a venue that can claim to hold the hallowed title of being voted the Central Region Racecourse of the year twice. Such meetings that are held here are The Grolsch Grand Prix in April and The Betfred Select Stakes in July and August.

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