For those of us who have ever been to the funfair or even played racing video games we are fully aware of the fun, thrill and excitement that can go into driving into things and other vehicles. We’d never dream of doing it out on the open road but when put in control of a bumper car in an amusement park we can’t fail to make a beeline for the nearest car and desperately endeavour to claim them as our victim. However, having this humble activity can possibly constitute as a good idea to add to the manifest of ideas that you have got planned for a certain someone’s Stag weekend proceedings.

However let us indulge you in the notion that it needn’t be all kiddie cars and soft bumps provided by a mediocre electrical charge. Let us tantalise you with the idea that your child self could only dream about; “how can we possibly do that?” you say, well let Lux Limo introduce you to the petrol head, adrenaline junkie paradise that is extreme dodgems limo hire.

Limousine Hire Extreme Dodgems

Believe us these ain’t no kids toys but actually cars with just that something extra. What was it now? Oh yes, the extra ability for you to become ruthless, maniacs in a private field with your fellow mates and play dodgems how it was supposed to played. There are literally two rules; the first is that you have to make your way around the designated track in as many laps as possible before being thrown off course via either your bad driving or a tactical manoeuvre by one of your stag party, the second is simply: “hit or be hit!” This is a mantra that you will be carrying with you all day. The sheer exciting nature of this event will no doubt want you to go round again and will have you busily recounting the tales of the day to each other in the pub later. Unlike travelling on the A31 behind a slow driver you can now easily dispense of their annoyance by using safe techniques briefed to you by the highly trained and expert staff present at the extreme dodgems circuit.

Of course, your day needn’t be all crash, bang wallop! Why not treat your Stag party and especially the stag to a luxurious limousine ride to and from the venue in one of our startling and beautiful vehicles. Picture you and the guys travelling like the true VIPs that you are in the safety, comfort and brilliance of our 8-seater black or white stretch limousines. Not big or grand enough for you? How about being driven around like a Hollywood celebrity inside your own black Hummer limo. I see that has firmly tantalised you; bearing in mind that you will be able to have your fingertips on all the mod cons and features that we have present within every one of our delectable vehicles.

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