It’s every kid’s dream to go to EuroDisney in limo hire isn’t it? Come to think of it, it doesn’t sound half bad for us adults either. Just like our children we remember the days of countless weekends being taken up by watching cartoon feature films made by those lovely and talented people at Walt Disney Studios. We cried over the death of Bambi’s mother, witnessed Pinnochio becoming a ‘real boy’ and happily took the tumultuous adventure of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Well now, that we have grown up and had children ourselves we have, in turn, imparted our true love of this colourful and vivid genre onto them; whether it be buying them the classics on DVD or taking them out to the cinema to see how the new generation of Disney limo hire are upholding the traditions and standards you have come to know, love and expect.

That is why we are offering you an experience of a lifetime. Just envisage this, if you will, one of our fantastic fleet of limousines; perhaps an 8-seater baby pink stretch limo, rolling down the road and stopping outside your front door. This is your ‘carriage’ and it waits to take you on a magical journey to the wonderful, brilliant and amazing EuroDisney Resort limo hire in Paris. We are able to offer you fantastic value package deals to send you in the most easy and smoothest possible way. We think of everything; tickets for Eurotunnel limo hire, admission for the resort itself, hotel costs and limousine hire are all wrapped together in a neat little bill which, when you see how cheap and competitively priced it is, you’ll be chomping at the bit to book this fantastic excursion. But before you pick up that phone and get your hands on one of our prestigious black Hummer limos, let us tell you a bit more about the resort itself.

Disneyland Paris Limo Hire

Having opened back in 1992, limo hire Disneyland Paris opened its doors to the millions of doting Disney fans who have come and gone since and experience the magic for themselves. The resort comprises of two main theme parks, literally bursting with rides and other attractions and a series of seven hotels which are surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants and other oddities so you don’t know what you are going to find from one avenue to the next. In the theme parks there is an entire myriad of rides and attractions for you to experience such as the famous Space Mountain ride which has recently undergone a refurbishment, you also have Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and the obligatory “It’s a small world” ride, trust us, you’ll know about it when you get to ride it.

So, don’t delay and book up your Disney limo hire excursion with us today. As well as the obvious adventure you’ll have at the resort, you can break up the boredom of the journey by playing movies on our onboard DVD players and watching them on the multiple plasma screen TVs. So do yourself a favour, hire from us and go.

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