May we first congratulate you most firmly for the great feat that has been undertaken by your good self to bring you to this point in your life? After months of finding the right time, right date and right situation for the proposal, you got down on one knee in front of the love of your life and uttered those hallowed words; “Will you marry me?” ever so softly to her. After teasing you for a moment with no replying she suddenly burst and showered you with a mixture of “Yes” and kisses as you deftly slid the ring onto her finger.

However, tonight is not a night about your union with her. Tonight is about celebrating your last stand as a single man by commanding control of the clubs and venues around limo hire in Derby city centre with your group of crazy, rowdy limo hire Stag’s by your side. It is a time for whatever goes on in these occasions remains hushed up because you would surely be crucified by your other half if she knew of the debauchery that was forced upon you willingly or not.

Derby Stag Night Limo Hire

But whatever goes on in Derby city centre can stay in Derby city centre as far as we’re concerned. The only thing we are worried about is that you and your Stag group limo hire have a fantastic time and the best possible cheap limousine hire experience that you are ever likely to experience bar none. It is to that endeavour that we suggest that you hire a black Hummer limousine hire in Derby to take you with all the great grace possible to your Derby stag destination. Imagine you and the rest of the guys cruising around Derby stag night limo hire and drinking your fill of the copious amounts of chilled beer we have provided for you on ice for the duration of the journey.

You can truly get the party started by bringing in your favourite rock CDs and utilising our phenomenal speaker system by blasting them out at a volume of your choosing. Furthermore, we whole heartedly encourage you to use our fantastic DVD player to watch some of your favourite action films to break up any long journey that you may be experiencing. The most important thing is that you make your night in Derby the best Stag do ever because you only get one, or should only get one, in your lifetime if everything works out ok with your partner and you.

So, go on, treat yourself to our amazingly cheap limo hire prices and we can promise you without any hesitation that it will be one of the soundest decisions that you have made all year. Furthermore we would be honoured to serve this occasion for you. So pick up the phone and hire us.

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