As a Derby student that has just finished their GCSEs you are probably very much aware that with this comes the end of your school life. That’s right folks, its time to move onto pastures new and I’m afraid that this will no doubt mean that you will probably not see many of your schoolmates again. However, all is not lost, because you have to the undulated pleasure of experiencing your school prom in the not to distant future. This is your chance to dress up in your very best and really wow your classmates with how good you look in a dress or a suit as opposed to a stuff school uniform.

So, now it is time to light up the Derby limo hire night sky with your presence and really show the people there what you are all about. You are the new generation and this is your chance to feel your arrival felt by everybody courtesy of an amazing school prom. But how do you make the grandest impression of all; an arrival by you and your friends that will definitely put the definitive ‘full stop’ on your school life.

Derby School Prom Limo Hire

It is the firm opinions of our staff here at Derby school prom Limo hire, the home of cheap limousine hire, that the only way to really get to your Derby school prom is if you and a group of friends treat yourself to a fantastic limousine ride. Imagine all getting in the back of a phenomenal 35ft black, white or pink Jeep Limo with 15 of your closest friends and really getting the party started early, even before getting to the Derby school prom limo hire itself. As soon as you getting inside the interior of the limousine, we encourage you to celebrate your sound choice in hiring our limousine by pouring yourself copious amounts of alcohol free champagne to thoroughly celebrate the curtailing for your secondary school studies and the prospect of beginning your new higher level of studies in September at a college institution.

Whether you come from Derby High, Noel-Baker, Sinfin Community School or even Derby Grammar School, don’t worry as we serve anybody that comes to us and wants to be indulged in the fantastic nature of our immensely popular limousine hire service. Please feel free to coax your parents into booking a black, white or pink Hummer limo hire to give you and your friends the last ride into the sunset. Of course, if you have a smaller group of friends to share this moment with, then feel free to pick one of our smaller models to take you out and about cruising in such as; a pink, white or black 8-seater Lincoln Town Car limousine hire. Just be rest assured that you will be experiencing the utmost in excellent chauffeured limousine hire in Derby service.

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