So you have decided to be privy to the entertainment that is displayed to you in bucket loads by the fair and wild city of Derby limo hire. This wonderful metropolis might not be as big as the rest of its Midlands counterparts but don’t be fooled. They aren’t nicknamed ‘The Rams’ for nothing as the quality and entertainment value factor of a night out that is hard to be beaten. So for whatever occasion, you and your group of friends are making a beeline for the nightclubs of Derby nightclub limo hire to see if this city can handle your partying nature where so many other cities and towns have failed.

Before we go on and have a look see at what delights that limo hire Derby city centre has to offer you can we make a little suggestion that might make your night out here that little bit sweeter. Now, no-one likes to a designated driver for the evening do they. Having to stand around and be on the coca cola whilst everyone around them is downing shot, drinking cocktails and is generally feeling the sweeping and relaxing effects of alcohol coursing through their veins. Furthermore, a whole gaggle of drunken friends also don’t like the fact of having to spend out a small fortune on a taxi which means that they have to be separated.

Derby Nightclub Limo Hire

Well, we here at Derby nightclub limo hire have the essential solution to allay any transportation woes that you may or may not be experiencing. And that is booking our vastly experienced and highly trained chauffeurs to take you about in a limousine of your choice safely and securely and with the simplest of ease. Just imagine just having to get in the back of one of our luxurious vehicles and then just doing what you do best by partying most heartedly with your mates in the comfort of plush leather seating, a fabulous fibre optic and laser lighting system and an absolutely phenomenal audio speaker system to blow you away.

However, we digress, enough about our incredible limousines. Just what can you get up to in Derby? Well, any Derby citizen worth his or her salt will tell you one of the most quality places to go is Zanzibar. With three levels of music to suit even the most diverse tastes, you won’t be starved of fantastic entertainment. If you fancy kicking it old school, look no further than Flares nightclub slap bang in the centre of Derby. This club is essential if you and the boys or girls want a cheesy night out dancing to the myriad of nostalgic hits of the 1980s and 1990s.

So do yourself a favour, book with Lux limo hire today and make your night out in the nightclubs of Derby limo hire truly unique by taking a cruise and being taken home by our incredibly cheap limo hire service. We can assure you, that our superb quality will not let you down.

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