If you were to ask every woman in Daventry worth her salt what her favourite hobby is you are sure to get one affixed answer. Don’t expect them to say fly fishing at Daventry reservoir or Tai Chi at the Saxon Suite at Daventry leisure centre. There will only be one thing on any Daventry ladies mind and that is shopping. Think of it as more of a sport than anything else, the goal being finding the most perfect items at the cheapest of prices. You see, Daventry shopping limousine hire perfectly understand this which is why we are bring you a very special concept that is certain to brighten up any shopping experience.

What we are suggesting is that instead of you and your friends hopping off trains and buses and the like, why not combine this particular foray into the shopping world with some top quality pink limousine hire? We can see that has immediately garnered your attention, which is probably why you clicked on this website and have started reading this article in the first place. It is simple though, as that charming little meerkat mascot on those popular insurance adverts often exclaims, all you have to do is give us a call and see what we can do in bring you a top quality hot pink Hummer limousine hire shopping experience to truly throw the spirit of partying with the sport of shopping together in one big mix.

Daventry Shopping Limo Hire

Being from Daventry, you are fully aware of how perfectly you are situated in the Midland in regards to shopping. You are not far away from the county town of Northampton, the wonderful city of Coventry and the great city that truly represents the spirit of the Midlands, Birmingham. You often enjoy going out with your friends and making a day of it at all the myriad of shops available to you. Therefore, it makes sense that you should accentuate that bonding process that you have your girlies by compounding the magic of shopping with the 8-seater Playboy pink limousine hire experience.

Why not have the awesome and warming feeling of being picked up right outside your front door by our cheap limo hire chauffeur to take you so luxuriously and blissfully to the shops whilst you all gossip and drink the ice cold champagne that we have provided for you complimentarily. Furthermore, one of the best things about the nature of a limousine is that it can fit the massive amount of bags that you have all accrued during the day and take you all safely back home at the end of the day.

If this sound like the kind of way you want to shop from Daventry, give our cheap limousine hire company a call today.

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