You have come across this wonderful cheap limo hire website and this fantastic article because you and your bunch of rowdy girls are looking at the best way to spend a girl’s night out in the fantastic little town of Daventry in Northamptonshire. Well, you will be happy to know that our dedicated members of staff here at Daventry girls night out limousine hire, know a thing or two about what you are planning and, as ever, we are on hand to make things a little bit easier on you by offering you all sorts of suggestions.

However, before any partying in Daventry can even take place, you and your lovely bunch of girlies need to be provided with a suitable mode of transport before you can embark on any wild night in the town. This is because no one wants to be faffing around with taxis, buses or cars and the like, you want to be all kept together so you can have a good time bonding together as one close knit group and not have to worry about designating a driver or anything like that.

Daventry Girls Night Out Limo Hire

The best way to do this is by doing as the celebrities do and getting hold of one of our Playboy pink limousine hire cars to take you all about in. Available in both 16 and 8 seats, these wonderful and vibrant cheap limo hire cars cannot help but scream fun, levity and really enhance what you and your group are all about. You want to live it up with the girls, having a few cheeky laughs and just having a great time together. If this pink paradise isn’t for you, then maybe the Party Bus limo hire vehicle is. This fantastic piece of machinery can only be described as your own mobile nightclub in Daventry. You can control the music, lights, and drinks inside the limousine whilst our fantastic and highly trained chauffeurs expertly negotiate their way around Daventry. The best thing about Party Bus limo hire is that you can actually stand up inside the car with the rest of your girls and have a proper dance inside. The privacy of the Party bus limo hire means that you can dance as badly as you like and no-one will see.

From there on in our cheap limo hire chauffeur will be more than happy to take you all to a Daventry pub or club of your choice. We suggest that you start the night at the Saracen’s Head pub to get all the cheap drinks you can muster; move onto Fridays for some exclusive fun and fresh music and end the night at The Square, Daventry’s premier club venue.

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