Your 18th birthday party is truly a one of occasion. You'll never have a landmark birthday such as this that opens up so many opportunities, avenues and experiences in life. Ok, so that's technically true for all birthdays – you're not going to turn seven years old twice, and we're pretty sure you only get one 60th birthday.

But you are now officially an adult! Your 18th birthday marks the start of your journey into adult life. You might be heading off to university or stepping into the world of work – either way, you'll be getting your own place pretty soon and tasting the sweet nectar of freedom.

One of the big doors that has now opened to you at the start of your journey into adulthood is night life – you can now, officially and legally, get into night clubs and dance the night away with a drink in your hand until the small hours of the morning.

And because this is the first time you'll have experienced this night life, your 18th birthday is going to have to be one big night out bonanza! You and a group of your friends (providing they are 18 as well, of course!) can hit the town in Daventry and go on a crawl of all the best pubs, bars and night clubs in the area and celebrate your new-found freedom big style. This is really a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and with the benefits of youth on your side, you'll be able to party all night to celebrate this monumental night like the true party animals you no doubt are!

We cater to parties and nights out, particular 18th birthday parties and 21st birthday parties, an awful lot, so we know exactly what goes into making your limousine ride on your night out in Daventry nothing short of amazing. We have a load of options for limo hire in Daventry for your 18th birthday to suit a whole array of styles.

From the eight-seater Lincoln limousines for a classic and stylish traditional limo feel for you and a small group of friends to the massive extravagance of the amazing 16-seater Hummer limo, we've got so many choices to suit your style of 18th birthday party in Daventry.

But the most unique, and arguably more exciting, option is the party bus limousine in Daventry. The party bus limo is affectionately known as "The Night Club On Wheels", and once you set foot inside this gargantuan 15-seater monster then you will instantly understand why. The first thing that will hit your eyes is the massively high, expansive ceilings inside the party bus limo. This is the only limo in the country that has so much space that you can actually stand up and move around during your cruise.

Of course, it wouldn't be a night club without a place to dance, and the party bus limo in Daventry doesn't disappoint with its full dance floor, disco laser lights and huge dancing pole. Complimented perfectly with the massively powerful sound system, and huge sub woofer speakers, the party bus limo is literally like your own private night club with you and your friends being the VIPs.

Now you won't have to wait to go to the night club – you can just have the night club come to you! To make your booking, or to get a free personalised quote from one of our experts, call Lux Limo now on 0800 002 9475 or email us direct at

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