Anyone, who’s anyone, can recall in the 1990s the amazing Richard O’Brian plying his trade on prime time Channel 4 television. His notably bald head and outrageous costumes immediately caught his eye as he darted to and fro around a mock-up series of ‘worlds’ taking with him a bunch of hapless office workers from ‘humdrumtown’, England. We fell about with laughter as such contestants as ‘civil servant Margaret’ tried and failed to get her hands on the elusive crystal spheres that we needed to claim time in a huge dome in the end. O’Brian was later replaced by erratic Ed Tudor-Pole but the show had run its course.

It is now in the heart of Wales that you can recapture some of that childhood magic and experience the brilliance of the show for yourself like you always wanted by booking yourself and your bunch of rowdy girls on a trip to Cardiff’s very own version of The Crystal Maze. Yes, you have read correctly and we can already sense your excitement levels are shooting through the roof but it’s true. You can now endeavour to go: “To the dome!!” in this fun-filled, action packed replica of the popular TV series. Since the show was axed many moons ago you may have thought that this opportunity was out of your reach; trust Lux Limo to bring it your attention.

Just like you should trust limo to deliver you unbelievably cheap, excellent and professional limousine hire to safely transport you and treasured bunch of friends to wherever you wish to travel to. Why not hire one of our hot pink 8-seater limos to take you in the utmost luxury to your appointment with the crystal maze. You can be safe in the knowledge that our highly-trained and immaculately dressed chauffeurs will navigate the meandering city streets with ease and will leave you and the girls with nothing to worry about. This will give you time to relax and have copious amounts of champagne and laugh lots about the amazing day that you have all just had and the stories that you have taken away with you.

Furthermore, how’s about spicing up the day with a little competition between the ladies with prizes for your star achievers and party forfeits for your ne’er do wells. Trophies and alcohol can be dished out to the deserving women in the hot pink Hummer limo afterwards and you can reveal the hilarious penalties that the failures of the day are going to have to take on in the pub or nightclub later.

With this mix of pleasures and luxuries you can’t fail to have one amazing day of fun and laughs and one that will surely live on in the memory of all the girls for a very long time afterwards and, what’s more, it will provide some unique pictures to put in the photo album and show the rest of your family to dazzle and shock them with the excellent things you got up to.

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