Some might say that limo hire Birmingham or London are the party ‘capitals’ of the UK. Whilst that may be a fairly sound assumption to make, one would be very naïve to look over the fact of a certain city that is making waves to become one of the big contenders for this prestigious mantle. Coventry city Party Bus limo hire likes to party just as much, even more so, than some of its British counterparts. Within each of its citizens hearts resides that ‘never say die’ spirit that has been engrained on them since rebuilding from the chaos that was thrust upon the city during the Second World War.

It is because of all of these factors that you have chosen limo hire Coventry has your destination for your night out or event tonight and are determined to do the city and its people justice by partying much harder than you have done in recent times. Come on, it is the least you can do for both yourself and Coventry limo hire. However, we have a certain vehicle in our possession that might give you and your mates that are coming along for the ride just that right spark before you endeavour to light up Coventry with your bright personalities and wicked sense of humour. It is with that statement that Lux Limo are proud to introduce THE vehicle to be seen in Coventry in; the Party Bus limo hire.

Coventry Party Bus Limo Hire

Think of it as your own private nightclub on wheels where you decide the tunes, you control the lighting system and it is only for the “VIPs” that you have decided to invite. Please feel free to take advantage of the laser lighting system to dazzle and excite your senses as the music tracks that you have provided blast out in full force through the amazing speaker set up that we have in each and every Party Bus limousine. hire car The most unique thing about this vehicle is that you and your friends are able to actually stand up and have a proper dance inside of it. This vehicle is essential for any Hen or Stag limo hire do that you may planning as it allows you to kick the night off in the best possible way.

Just imagine the sight of your gang of merry men and ladies turning up in one of these marvellous and majestic vehicles and watching the shocked expressions from the patrons outside Lava Ignite and Mbargo as you disembark from the Party bus in all of your finery ready to grace the clubs of Coventry limo hire with your esteemed presence.

Well, now we have whetted your appetite most thoroughly why not take us up on our cheap limo hire offer and book with our friendly and approachable staff today here at cheap Coventry Party Bus hire where optimum service is as standard.

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