One of the most iconic things that spring to mind when someone says “limousine” to you is the image of a celebrity, or high ranking government official stepping into a black stretch limo, probably of the Pierce Arrow variety and then cruising off into the city of night. Being born and bred in Coventry black limo hire, limousines may not be the most prevalent of occurrences and you never thought that you would be able to afford and experience the luxury of travelling in such a vehicle.

However, we at Lux Limo hire are here to tell you to wise up! This is because we serve your city with black limo hire Coventry and offer such cheap limo hire prices that your jaw will literally hit the floor with rapt pleasant surprise. Needless to say, our black limo range is one of our ‘best sellers’ which is why we are able to offer it to you today at such a low price to enhance your event in black limo hire Coventry. Just envisage the sight of you and your friends languidly stepping out of your black limo hire vehicle right outside the entrance to Jumping Jacks, Club Heat or Mbargo.

Coventry Black Limo Hire

Believe us; the people of limo hire Coventry will come flocking around you thinking that a celebrity has just arrived to grace their humble city streets. So the feeling that this gives you is worth the cheap limo hire price all on its own. You see, what makes limos as cheap as ordering taxis is that, just for a price of about £22 per head, you can cover your journey to and from the Coventry city limo hire with an hours cruise around the town with your mates thrown in for good measure. And what’s more you can be seen in one of our mammoth black 35ft Limo Jeeps, a size that dwarves even the hallowed Hummer limo and truly have the night of your life due to our limousine’s enhancing and accentuating your event to the very highest point of excellence.

Our black limos are also versatile from being able to transfer your family to an event or meal being held somewhere in Coventry city limo hire, or, it can they can be used to take people about in the most sombre of occasions; like if a loved one has passed away and your close family need to be taken to the funeral. It is with regret that our limos need to be used for this purpose but whatever the occasion we will endeavour to give you the utmost quality of service that you expect from such a high class, excellent cheap Limo Hire Company such as ourselves.

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