As we all know, when our car gets pranged and bashed up in an accident it can be a real source of stress which frankly, as the non-stop businessman or woman that you are, you don’t need. You rely on your vehicle to get you from A to B and meet crucial deadline and meet integral clients that are essential to make your company move towards expansion and make more profit which, in turn will secure that elusive promotion that has been evading you for many months now.

However, due to some idiotic driver ploughing into the back of your precious vehicle you now are a very loose end and need to get transport pronto! However, the insurance company is holding out of providing you with any support, courtesy car or anything that will remotely help out your cause in their typical style. Your panic levels might be shooting through the roof as we speak now butf we here at Lux Limo hire, home of cheap limo hire and the most exquisite range of limousines for every occasions, have a suggestion which might take some of the worry off of you mind.

Courtesy Car

Why not theoretically kill two birds with one stone? Firstly hire one of our prestigious limousines to replace the loss of your car for the time being whilst the mechanics work tireless to restore it to its past glory. The second is, we ask you to think of the visual impact that it will make to see you turning up for business meeting and general work in a black limo. Think about the boost in confidence and presence that a limousine would give you, especially when it comes to liaising with new clients who will no doubt be impressed with your arrival to their meeting and hiring a limousine will just scream out professionalism and quality to them.

Our very experienced and highly trained chauffeurs will be on hand at all the places that you specify them to be that so you will never be stranded and, if the meeting has gone really, really well then you can happily crack open the complimentary bubbly that we have chilling on ice for you because, don’t forget you are not having to drive and you can have a cheeky glass or two. Furthermore, why not impress your boss, which in turn might edge that promotion that you are craving so much that bit further.

You see, we here at Lux Limo hire believe that you should be treated not only as a valued customer but basically as a human being and you should be given the utmost highest quality of treatment no matter what; which is often not what those pesky insurance companies perceive of you, especially when they get their hands on your exclusive premium.

So if the worst does come to the worst you can be sure that Lux Limo are always there to back you up and provide you with cheap limo hire that you can always rely on.

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