They say that laughter is the best medicine and that you should smile, and maybe tomorrow, life will seem worthwhile and how right they are. We don’t know about you, but here at Lux Limo we like nothing better than hearing some funny material, dirty jokes and just plain foolishness to help get us through the day and, being the fine people that you are, you are just the same. In saying that, laughter is one of the main ingredients that should gel a fantastic Stag night or weekend together. 90% of the time you and the guys should be doubled up with laughter that should often cause tears to roll down your face. If that ain’t happening, you should try harder.

However, we here at Lux Limo aren’t harsh taskmasters and we always endeavour to find a way to enjoy yourself and give you copious amounts of belly laughs. We aren’t just limited to offering you amazing limousines at low and competitive prices you know. We’ll get into the fantastic luxury and prestige of riding inside a huge black Limo Jeep later; first we have to sort out an activity to give you superb enjoyment, great memories and ultimately keep you laughing till the break of day. Therefore, we suggest that you make a welcome stop on your Stag night travels by visiting one of the many famous comedy clubs located around the cities of our green and pleasant land.

Just think about it, you have thoroughly knackered yourselves by taking on one of the myriad of daytime activity options, a lot of which are covered in articles on this very website, and now need to relax and have a good time in the evening. As much as you want to, you limbs point-blankly deny you the choice of dancing the night away in one of the city’s top nightclubs so you can happily reward yourself with a trip to see some fantastic comedy.

Why not shoot down to London and book you and your fellow Stags a night at The Comedy Store where such well known and revered comedian as Russell Howard, Jack Dee, Dara O’Briain, Frankie Boyle and Lee Evans have all been known to ply their trade. The frequently run ‘best in stand up’ nights where new and fresh comedians from all over the UK and the world endeavour to make you chortle. Not seeing anything you like there? Pay a trip to Jongleurs who boast an alumnus of Harry Enfield, Eddie Izzard and Al Murray and often have comedians you will see taking part on many television programmes working their magic on stage.

Wherever you decide to get your comedy fix please allow us the opportunity to take you safely there from the privacy and luxury of your own black limo hire. It is time for you and the Stags to let go of all worries and just have fun over the weekend because, hopefully, you only have a Stag do once, let us help make it one to remember.

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