As you are going to be a married woman soon you are no doubt going to fall into the club of holding luscious dinner parties for you and your friends to enjoy in the coming weeks, months and years. You are beginning to make a new married home with your husband and may be planning a whole myriad of new and wonderful things together but, for now; let’s just concentrate on the social side before we become enveloped by any serious stuff. So, in turn, we have suggestion for you, something in which you can partake in on your Hen Night and definitely something that you can learn a lot from and therefore add a bit of extra spice and passion into those lovely dinner parties of the future. Furthermore, it will provide you with some skills for when your husband is away and you are having a night in with the girls.

The exclusive and flamboyant activity in which we are proposing to you is for you take cocktail making classes on your Hen Weekend. That’s right, in a few hours you can go from “Doh!” to pro courtesy of one of the many cocktail workshops that are available over the length and breadth of the country. It’s not all work and no play though as you will be able to taste a lot of cocktails as you are making them. Think of it as sampling the ‘fruits’ of your work. Maybe you have always tried fantastic Mojitos, Manhattens and Cosmopolitans on your many nights out but have always been intrigued to see just how you can get the same flavour at home, well now you can as the qualified cocktail makers teach you the best that they can.

Hen Night Cocktails Glasses Limo Hire

When you arrive to the venue, you will immediately be served with ice-cold refreshing champagne. Think of it as a sort of ‘cleansing of the palette’ before cocktail time. There will also be food served up to you to soak up that alcohol and, most importantly, you have a few hours of the experts’ time. Use it well and ask them everything! This is because we want you to get the most out of your Hen Night experience and want you to get superb value for money.

This is why we suggested capping off a superb plan of activities booked for you Hen weekend with the added delight of a limousine experience with us here at Lux Limo. Think about it; just picture yourself stepping inside a luxurious 16-seater hot pink Hummer limo with your fellow girlies or, even better one of our elite Party Buses which has the unique feature of being able to let passengers stand up in it and actually have a dance inside the privacy of their own vehicle.

If these sounds like excellent ideas for you then don’t delay and hire a limo with us at Lux Limo where our prices are always low and competitive and our quality is always of the highest order.

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