There is more to Cornwall than the pasties, clotted cream and the ever delicious ice cream that is made there you know. It is often forgotten that out of this beautiful and picturesque corner of the British Isles comes a fantastic array of people and activities that give off true feeling of being British and fills you with a sense of national pride. Indeed, our cousins in Cornwall are famous for many things but I am sure that they would most like to be known for giving the tourist that they cherish going there the best time and impression of the place and leave you wanting more and to go back there.

One of the main advantages that Cornwall has over all its English county counterparts in that it is surrounded by a vast and varied coastline that is etched and weathered by the sea, wind and rain in its own unique way. It is this coastline that offers up one of the most original activities that you can chalk in for you Stag weekend plans as it beckons you to experience the world of Coasteering Limo Hire. You may be confused as to what this particular wild experience is, and you can be forgiven for that because the concept is relatively new. But once you have tried and tested it, boy how you want to do it all over again. All you and your Stags need to be armed with on the day is sturdy footwear, for traversing rocks, a helmet, to protect your noggin for any errant bits of coasts that forget themselves and decide to give you a bash on the head and a wetsuit; the seawater that hugs the coast of Cornwall may be warm but it isn’t ‘that’ warm and you will want to be nice and toasty as you dive in and out of the water. Most of these amenities will be happily provided to you by your expert instructor who is there to guide you and ensure your safety every step of the way.

Your Coasteering Limo Hire instructor will take you to a fairly high cliff face and ask you without any hesitation to jump off in the pool of water below. With some coercion you do it and freefall through the air and plunge into the depths below. You are then asked to negotiate through caverns in caves and come out the other side. You are encouraged to cling onto rocks and try your best to negotiate yourself round them whilst hanging on like a limpet. It may be exhausting but it is something you’ll never forget.

So why not do yourself a favour and indulge your Stag party not only in the world of Coasteering Limo Hire, but also welcome them to the world of limousine riding courtesy of us here at Lux Limo. Travel like the gang of VIPs you are in the sheer luxury of one of our chauffeur driven black Hummer limos. We can ensure you that when you choose Coasteering Limo Hire and choose to ride with us, you won’t be disappointed.

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