Here at Lux Limo we have been serving Coalville for many years. Whether it's been birthday parties, school proms, wedding days, hen night parties, corporate events, airport transfers from Coalville, and so much more, then it's been Lux Limo who has been there providing a truly stellar service!

And over the years of serving Coalville with limo hire services, we have come to realise one thing – you guys really, REALLY love the H2 Hummer limo! It is by far, without a doubt, the most popular limousine in our entire fleet making up a significant percentage of all the bookings that we take here in the Coalville area. And there must be some good reason why this fantastic stretched limo has been the talk of the town for so long, and whose popularity definitely shows no signs of slowing.

Let us talk you through our range of 16 seater Hummer limos that are available to hire in Coalville. The H2 Hummer limo seats up to 16 passengers on board, in total luxury and with plenty of room to ensure a completely comfortable ride, and comes in three main styles from our experts here at Lux Limo. These are the pink Hummer limo, the black Hummer limo and the white Hummer limo, and it is this stark variety that makes the Hummer limousine such a popular choice. It is such a wonderfully universal and adaptive vehicle, that it is incredibly suitable for so many different occasions. Remember all those particular events we mentioned in the opening paragraph? Well, the Hummer limo can do (and has done!) all of these with style, finesse and luxury.

On board, you are treated to the finest and most comfortable leather seating imaginable, and with a spacious interior it means you're not going to get too hot, cramped or uncomfortable during your hour-long cruise in Coalville in the H2 Hummer limo. There's also state of the art entertainment features including a massive stereo complete with powerful sub woofer and iPod/MP3 player connections so you can bring your own music along for the ride.

But the thing that clinches it for the Hummer limo for hire in Coalville is the built in champagne bar. Yes, you read that right! The bar comes complete with 16 glasses so everyone can enjoy a nice chilled drink – which we provide to you as our complimentary gift! All our Hummer limos in Coalville come with lashings of free bubbly on ice, ready chilled for the moment you step inside. Of course, you're more than welcome to bring your own drink along – all we ask is you clean up after yourselves. Gotta keep these sleek machines looking pristine!

So if the Hummer limo sounds perfect for you and your event in Coalville then call Lux Limo now, open 24/7, on 0800 002 9475 and one of our dedicated team can help you arrange your booking, answer any questions that you might have about the Hummer limo in Coalville and also give you a totally free, personalised Coalville Hummer limo hire quote – instantly over the phone!

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