It is at July time where a certain ceremony will occur that will truly honour you and your friends. It is an event that puts you firmly in the spotlight and lets your family and friends give you the adulation and respect that you deserve. Yes folks, you have finished your studies of your undergraduate degree at your chosen university and now it is time for you to take your mantle amongst the prestigious alumni of the university by getting your first class degree in your chosen subject. This is a very happy day for you and your family and you should be extremely proud of yourself.

However, we believe that the celebrations do not have to stop there. You may be moving away from your friends that you have made at your time at study. They have been there for you when you needed them the most and you have very much enjoyed the opportunities of levity and fun and general alcohol filled debauchery that they have provided for you. So if you have to say goodbye wouldn’t you rather say goodbye in the most grandiose of ways?

Coalville Graduation Limo Hire

Well with Coalville graduation limo hire that can be provided for you. We have an excellent standard of cheap limo hire vehicles that are just essential to make you graduation day just right and make you feel even more special and loved than you already do. Imagine you and 15 other of your fellow graduates turning up to don your cap and gown in a black Hummer limousine hire. You may have garnered a reputation at university for doing some of the most lavish, outlandish and memorable things so why not perpetuate that feeling towards you by clubbing together with your uni mates and securing this slice of Coalville graduation limousine hire.

Perhaps pink is more your colour and you would like a 35ft pink Jeep limo hire vehicle to be your friends carriage for the graduation day. The impact that our cheap limo hire service will make on all and sundry that is attending the day will not fail and if you have to leave at least you are giving the people something to make you stay on in their memories.

Once you have taken centre stage, grinning wider than Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire cat, our Coalville graduation limo hire car can be waiting to pick you all up in a Party Bus limo hire car and take you into town where you can begin the true celebrations and maybe experience that last hurrah of your uni life. It all makes sense doesn’t it? So why not give us a call and arrange it?!

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