You hear the words: “Ok mate, you’re good to go!” You take a huge deep intake of breath and take a literal leap of faith. As you deafened by the whoosh and roar of the air as it rushes with all due haste by your ears, you feel a part of your mind questioning, asking “why you are doing this to yourself?” The plunge you have undertaken seems to go in slow motion which heightens and accentuates the ever growing fear that you felt brewing in your very soul even before you took the insane decision to go against all common sense and jump.

You pierce through the ocean’s surface like a spear and feel the shocking coolness of the water submerging every part of you, the feeling literally taking your breath away. You quickly regain you senses and endeavour to reach the surface to take a much needed few gulps of air. When you eventually break the surface the mood and emotion hit you like the first rays of the rising sun. Congratulations my good man, you have just had your first foray into cliff jumping and you should give yourself a massive pat on the back.

This relatively new pastime has readily and quickly affixed itself as one of the most diverse and exciting opportunities of fun to experience on your Stag weekend. Once you get to the venue you will be thoroughly briefed on all the safety information that you MUST take heed of before trying cliff jumping. The experience instructor will then give you expert tuition on jumping techniques and how to brace yourself. When all the official stuff is out the way, your instructor will lead you to the designated cliff of which you are to do as lemmings do and leap off of. You should now have all the information you need to make that brave jump and become airborne.

This is a very freeing and exhilarating experience and really sorts the men out from the boys in terms of the fear factor that is involved. It is sure to give you tonnes of stories and fantastic pictures to put in the scrapbook or the Facebook album of your stag do to show off to everyone your nerves of steel, perhaps prompting them to go and try it out for themselves one day. So, why not compound the sheer excitement of this Stag activity by adding on a fantastic limousine cliff jumping hire experience to the mix courtesy of us here at cheap limo hire.

Just envisage you, the groom-to-be and the rest of the ‘merry men’ stepping into one of our black or white Hummer limos and sitting back blissfully in our plush leather seats, sipping cold beer or champagne. You can also make use of the Hummer’s interior by watching a DVD on the plasma TVs situated throughout or psyching yourself up by listen to good quality music on our unique audio system. Whatever you decide to do on your Stag weekend, allow us to help make it happen.

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