If there's one thing that we love doing here at Lux Limo, it's providing somewhere quaint and beautiful like Cheltenham with the all-American excitement and extravagance of the H2 Hummer limousine! The Hummer limo is the largest stretched limousine in the UK, with seating on board for up to 16 people, so it is the perfect choice for hire in Cheltenham for a whole host of different events and special occasions. The Hummer limo hire car in Cheltenham is perfect for everything from wedding days and school proms, to birthday parties and stag nights – and everything else in between!

Perhaps you're embarking into the world of married life, and you're having a wild hen night party in Cheltenham to celebrate. You'll no doubt, courtesy of the Maid of Honour, be brought together with a large group of your close friends – all ready for a night of mayhem out on the town, hitting up all your favourite bars, pubs and night clubs to have the party of a lifetime to celebrate this event of a lifetime! But the one thing about having a hen night party in your hometown, and visiting all your favourite party venues is that you've been there before – you're in grave danger of slipping into the monotony and routine of 'just another night out' in Cheltenham! Avoid this disaster with our Cheltenham pink Hummer limo hire services, available 24/7 from the Cheltenham Hummer limo hire experts here at Lux Limo.

The Hummer limo for hire in Cheltenham is a very unique vehicle indeed. Taking the already-gargantuan size of the world-renowned H2 Hummer car, the H2 Hummer limousine stretches this out into a 37-foot long body and fills it with leather seats, luxury amenities and state-of-the-art of board entertainment for the Hummer limousine's 16 passengers. And all of this extravagance and luxury is available to you now in Cheltenham thanks to our Hummer limo hire in Cheltenham services here at Lux Limo.

Once you step on board the Cheltenham H2 Hummer limousine, your jaw will positively hit the floor at what you witness inside. The luxury leather seats, for starters, are incredibly comfortable providing you with high end luxury and comfort during your cruise around Cheltenham on board the Hummer limo. Then you're treated to lashings of complimentary bubbly on ice in the Cheltenham Hummer limo's on board champagne bar – elegantly lit up with stylish neon lighting. As you sip your free champagne in the comfort of the luxury leather seats in the Cheltenham Hummer limo's lavish interior, you can check out the amazing entertainment on board that the Hummer limo for hire in Cheltenham has to offer.

First of all, there's a powerful sound system with state of the art technology in all aspects of the setup. Completed by a big sub woofer, disco lights, laser lights and stylish neon lighting around all the Hummer limousine's on board fittings, you've got the ultimate party experience on board ready for your cruise in the Hummer limo in Cheltenham town centre!

If you want to hire a Hummer limo in Cheltenham from Lux Limo then it's so easy! Either email us at info@lux-limo.co.uk or phone us FREE on 0800 002 9475 to get a personalised quote for hiring a 16 seater Hummer limo in Cheltenham, or the surrounding area. But act fast, our Hummer limos are very popular – so don't delay, call today!

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