With the credit crunch hitting the country as hard as it is, we are becoming ever stringent and careful with where we put our money. Here at Cheerleading Give me an ‘H’! Give me an ‘E’! Give me an ‘N’. Does this rhetoric sound familiar? I am sure the rhythmic chanting of it will stir up many emotions. Some may be the numerous teen films you have seen over the years with the same generic high school limo hire stories littered and permeated the whole way through them. Furthermore you may have been at a school or university where this elite and exclusive society was rife and you were always intimidated by it because you never thought you were good or pretty enough to take in it.

Well, here at cheerleading limo hire we hastily ask you to cast off these ridiculous misconceptions of yourself. It is your Hen Night limo hire and you have the ‘carte blanche’ to do whatever you heart desires to. So, in saying that, you may have always fancied trying your hand at cheerleading. Well now, thanks to the ever growing leisure industry that is thriving at this time, even with the current economic climate being as ravaged as it is, you and your favourite girls can indulge yourself in some dance lessons with just that different type of flavour.

Envisage you and your limo hire Hen party being allowed to act like teenagers again by learning dance routines that you will normally see in tacky Grease spinoffs and hapless teen romantic comedies. On hand to meet and greet and help you throughout your day will be a cheerleading instructor, of vast knowledge and experience who will genuinely give you vital tips and tricks of the trade that even after you Hen do, you can use to your firm advantage by tempting and tantalising your other halves on the dance floor or just to perform in the privacy of your own home to keep up your own unique form of fitness regime. The instructor is experience to cater for the most nimble of you to the girl in the group that has two left feet so no-one should feel isolated and everyone should have copious amounts of fun getting those pom-poms a-shakin’.

Additionally, may we suggest another place where you and your girls can exhibit your newly discovered cheerleading talents in total privacy? Sound intrigued? Then, without any hesitation book one of our fantastic chauffeur driven Party Buses limo hire to swiftly take you about with ease and comfort that is befitting of ladies of your class and makes you feel like the limo hire VIPs that you truly are. The unique feature of this fantastic vehicle is that it has such ample room available on the interior of the vehicle that you and your fellow Hens can actually stand up and indulge yourself in a proper dance, or cheerleader routine to the tune of any dance tracks that you have decided to put on our phenomenally good audio system.

With cheap limo hire prices such as ours you would be a crazy gang of ladies if you were to miss out on our special fleet of hire limousines just ready and waiting to take you cheerleading

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