It is a sad truth but most often than not, a limo chauffeur has been forgotten when one is renting a limo. They are not seen as someone part of the limo that is rented. But it is not the case when it comes to renting a limo when you are in the UK. This is so since a chauffeur is already part of the service being rented in a limo. After all, riding a limo should be a luxurious experience for a passenger with a chauffeur providing the utmost experience for them. We cannot also deny the fact that having a funny, courteous, and chatty limousine chauffeur is indeed sought-after to make all these experience possible.

There must be a distinction though when you address as chauffer as chauffeur and not a driver. There are some chauffeurs who might be offended with this. The reason behind is a chauffeur is someone who drives a luxury car. And one example of that is a limousine. On the other hand, a driver is someone who does not. Hence, calling a chauffeur as a driver is synonymous to giving the limousine industry a very big insult.

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Chauffeurs are normally allowed to drive an 8-seater limo like Chrysler C300 and Lincoln Millennium. This is possible provided that they have the correct license and insurance like those of the chauffeurs who drive larger 4x4 limos like Porsche Cayenne limo, Range Rover limo, BMW X5 limo, Lincoln Navigator limo, H2 Hummer limo, and the like. On the other hand, for those chauffeurs who are driving larger limousines like a 16-seater, then they should have a PSV license or Public Service Vehicle license. Such license is known to have a very rigorous instruction and test to make sure that chauffeurs are qualified and armed with the skills in safely transporting a large number of passengers.

Most chauffeur limousine Birmingham is also happy and excited when there is a new model of a limousine that is made available in the market. They would always have the goal of being the first one to drive it. After all, this is a bragging right for every chauffeur Birmingham. The good thing is, there are plenty of special events that need the service like the chauffeur wedding car Birmingham. Not only that, chauffers usually get their work not just from weddings but also in prom nights and corporate events.

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We must always remember, though, that we must accord the respect and dignity that chauffeur deserve. They should not be blamed for things that they have no control of such as heavy traffic or even accident. It is very disrespectful when a passenger put blame on them on things other than just driving them safely to their destination with style and luxury.

Fortunately, modern chauffeurs prioritize safety and are punctual, courteous, and professional. Hence, it is very important to respect them as they are the one who holds the luxurious steering wheel that will give you the great experience for your life’s most special events.

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