It is one of the most popular and revered film festival in the history of the industry and a year has flown by and it is once again bearing down upon our heels. We are, of course, talking about the Cannes film festival where all the ‘big boys’ come out to place, desperate impress you all with their cinematic wares and receive praise and adulation for their work. Ultimately, their goal is to win the best film of the entire festival in the form of the award: the Palme D’Or. Undoubtedly, it can be said, a more coveted honour, or just as coveted as an Oscar from the Academy Awards.

However, we digress, if you are thinking of travelling to Cannes we assume that you are going there as your were something to do with a certain film that is headlining there. Whether you are part of the acting, directing or production side of things, you want to be able to get yourself to Cannes in the simplest and easiest way, not to mention luxurious. However, because you are always fastidiously busy, you haven’t been able to get around to booking flights and now they are all booked up for the entire duration of the festival. Well, that’s where we come to the rescue.

Cannes Film Festival - Limo Hire

Here at Lux Limo, we don’t just offer cheap and exquisite limousine hire to our valued and cherished clients, we also offer peace of mind and suggestions to people. So, what we are suggesting to you is that you come to us and book a limousine package to facilitate you throughout the entire duration of the visit. We’ll worry about travel costs such as Eurostar and the various tolls along the way. We will also arrange a suite for you at the Cannes hotel of your choice. All we do, at the end of the day, is wrap up all the travel costs and arrangements in one neat and itemised package which, when you see how low the cost is going to be, you will more than readily snap our hands off. The advantage of booking via an English limousine company rather than a French one is that our experience and highly professional chauffeurs will understand exactly what you’re saying and therefore you will be able to communicate with your driver fully and get him to take you wherever you wish to go.

The other advantage of having a limousine is that after you have attended the film showing you may have picked up some party guests along the way and wish to travel to one of the main nightclubs around there. Because of the nature of the passenger capabilities of a limousine hire Cannes this is a piece of cake and you are sure to be happy at every step of your journey to Cannes limo hire.

So, when other transport arrangement let you down, chose one of our packages here at Lux Limo where your custom is our utmost priority and where you will always receive the most highest quality of service.

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