If you fancy deviating away from some of the traditionally fast-paced, loud and overwhelming activities that most typical Hen parties endeavour to take part in during their weekend then we have the perfect idea for you. Why not shy away from the sweaty clubs and pubs? Who says you have to go bungee jumping and then get up to your ears in mud by going paintballing and quad-biking. You probably have just had a very expensive manicure just a couple of days before so no way do you want to waste money by getting them broken, tattered and damaged.

Therefore, may we suggest a canal boat cruise down some of the UKs finest waterways for an essential and tranquil part of your Hen weekend? This activity shows that it needed be ‘all go’ on your Hen weekend and you can make some time for a fantastic boat ride and bond together by swapping stories as you softly drift along. Unlike being in a pub or a club you can actually hear clearly what your fellow hens are saying and laugh with all sincerity with the funny tales and anecdotes that are being conveyed to you.

Hen Night Canal Boat Ride- Limo Hire

What’s more, can we tantalise you with an extra bit of class on you day out on the canal boat? How about being dropped off and picked up at your final destination courtesy of one prestigious, beautiful and esteemed 8-seater black limos which just scream out elegance and style on the exterior and the interior. Allow our professional, uniformed chauffeur transport you safely and securely with relative ease and with full knowledge of your location; a factor which would have probably meant you forever consulting an atlas trying to make head-or-tail of the meandering and swirling lines depicted on there. Please indulge yourself in a way becoming of a celebrity VIP as your blissfully relax in the back of the limo in our plush leather seats whilst you languidly sip away at a glass of chilled champagne provided for you as thanks for choosing us here at Lux Limos. It there is a rather large party of you, don’t hesitate to book the prestigious black or white Hummer limo which is sure to catch a few people eyes and perhaps make a jaw or two drop when they see your hen party coursing down the road.

So, with your appetite for limousines well and truly whetted, let us explain what you get for your money when you book with a canal boat company. Well, first of all, there is the barge itself and all the safety equipment contained therein. The cost also covers the crew of the barge who will safely navigate you with all due ease through the stunning and beautiful waterways that the UK possess; also operate a bar for your to quench your thirst.

So, be original, and order your Hen party a canal cruise today and couple it with the Lux Limo experience, we can assure you that it is one that will live on in the memory forever.

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