The Royal Ascot Races is easily the UK's most popular and prestigious annual event. With every year that passes everything gets more stylish - the outfits, the suits, the infamous hats and (of course) the luxury transport!

At Cambridge Royal Ascot Limo Hire, we have been serving customers from all over the UK with our sterling Royal Ascot limo hire packages. We provide clients with the most luxurious limos at the most competitive prices in Cambridge. With a large fleet of luxury stretched limosand prestigious cars to choose from for our Royal Ascot limo hire services. We have exactly what you are looking for to make your trip to Royal Ascot a memorable one!

What's more, our Royal Ascot limo hire packages come complete with their own set of unique extras, designed to enhance your experience of hiring a stretched limousine for the Royal Ascot from Cambridge Royal Ascot Limo Hire. We provide you with bottles of complimentary champagne, which you are free to enjoy en-route or save for your arrival, as well as the use of high-quality lawn chairs and tables so you can relax in comfort at the Royal Ascot races.

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