It must be said that a lot of people hold a popular misconception over the city of Cambridge. Because of the prestige, history and reputation that come before it, it is widely believed that this city is fairly serious and doesn’t contain any entertaining features at all and all that exists there are facilities to further your knowledge and enrich your learning experience. However, due to our wide experience and knowledge of the area, plus the scores of different events and valued and treasured costumers that we have served there, we can tell you with all due authority that you have been thoroughly misinformed if this is what passes through your mind.

So without further ado we are going to tell you what makes this city so great and why you should definitely hire out one of our stretch USA Party Bus limousines to ferry your friends into the night in the best possible way. Our Party Buses are chauffeur driven nightclubs on wheels where you are the interim manager. You decide who is allowed on board for your Cambridge cruise experience and there is a massive and spectacular audio system at your disposal ready for you to play the DJ for the journey. Just burn a few CDs together and put them on for the pleasure of all your friends that you have got riding with you. Not only that, you are VIP celebrities with the combination of fibre optic and laser lighting that is sensitive to the music that are playing you can’t help but feel that.

Cambridge Party Bus Limo Hire

So just whereabouts in Cambridge should you spend the rest of the evening once you manage to get everybody to disembark the Party Bus even though they might be enjoying themselves too much on the limousine hire vehicle to want to. Well, one of your first ports of call has to be at The Fez Club. Here you can truly get your rocks off to some classic alternative rock and indie music played by only the very best in local bands.

Once you leave this place you should make a bee line for Revolution where you and your friends can happily indulge in vodka shot races with each other with flavours ranging from the delicious to the downright rancid. Once you have had your fill of the atmosphere and ambience of that club then you can traverse you way through Cambridge city centre in your various states of drunkenness to The Place. The veritable Mecca of Cambridge where all the young, vibrant and fresh people go to have a good time.

The best thing is, you can arrange for us to be there at the end of the night to take you all home safely. So go on, do the right thing and see the wonderful city of Cambridge with us.

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