Calling all prospective brides to be! We are fully aware that most of your free time is being taken up with making copious plans for you wedding day to make it run through perfectly and a spectacle for all your friends and family to admire. But aren’t you forgetting one magnificent occasion that needs to be adhered to before any tying of the knot can be undertaken. It is the night when you best friends can get to pay homage to you in Cambridge and show you one of the best nights possible. Yes indeed, we believe it is about time that you had your Hen Night.

Ah, you see, you’d forgotten about this hadn’t you and your excitement has just been thoroughly reignited. We say it is high time you took notice of your own needs and got arranging this very important thing pronto! It’s kind of the reason why we are here for you today and why you have clicked on this particular site and are looking at this specific article. First of all may we welcome you most heartedly and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to look us up?

Cambridge Hen Night Limo Hire

Before we endeavour to tell you all that Cambridge has to offer, why not imagine you and the girls travelling like the VIPs that you truly are in the back of one of our pink Hummer limousines. These beautiful beasts can transport up to 16 of you rowdy and naughty girls and our professional chauffeur can firstly take you on a champagne filled cruise around Cambridge itself and then deliver you and the rest of the Hens safely and securely to a destination of your choice. If the pink hummer limousine is too big and garish for your needs then we have an 8-seater pink Lincoln town car which is more than capable of taking you round the meandering city streets with the greatest of ease.

Once we have dropped you off why don’t you pop up The Junction to get your fill of cheap booze and amazing life music. Who says that a Hen night needs to be filled with oodles of cheese when you can truly get your rocks off to fantastic bands? However, if you are hankering for that cheesy moment of music before long you will be happy to learn that there is many a venue to facilitate your needs. First of all there is the Kanbar Nightclub a peculiar but fantastic little dive for you to get wasted in, but THE club to go to is simply called The Place and is, believe us, one of the best night in Cambridge if not in the Midlands. Furthermore, we will be happy to be there at the end of the night to take you and your fellow Hens home safely and securely and in the same awesome style.

Cambridge Hen Night Limo Hire On 0800 002 9475