Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a lady of nature? Have you often watched Ray Mears or Bear Grylls ply their trade on BBC2 and thought “I can do that!”? Seeing as they are just men, you as a party of fantastic Hens should have no pressure whatsoever in showing old Ray and Bear how it’s done. Women are the stronger gender after all, as we all know. If you have heartedly been agreeing either vocally or with knowing nods to everything I have said then why not allow you and your favourite girls the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. You can do this by going back to basics and living it rough like the survival experts do as you enter the world of bushcraft limo hire available at numerous venues situated all over England.

Although it seems far from the glamorous vision that many ladies envisage their Hen night/weekend limo hire to be, why not completely buck the trade? Who says that you have to be a conventional Hen party and go through the generic programme of events when you can really experience something special and something that is going to build stronger bonds with your most cherished of friends which is what a Hen experience limo hire should be all about.

However, you needed isolate yourselves from comfort, prestige and luxury totally. After all you are doing a very noble, enriching and diverse thing that is going to be quite difficult and we here at bushcraft limo hire think you and the girls should be awarded as such. So do yourselves the favour and indulgence of booking a hot pink Hummer limo hire to take you and your merry gang of ladies safely and professionally into the woods.

Hen Night - Bushcraft - Limo Hire

On your bushcraft excursion you will experience such unique situations like reaching your destination that can only be accessed by a canoe, the thrill of cooking over a fire that you have started yourself in the traditional way without any matches or paper, just wood and dried leaves. Under the firm tutelage of the very much experienced guide who will be accompanying you the whole way (we know you are capable but I do think you would like to be completely ‘thrown to the wolves’) you will fashion ancestral weaponry and make a viable shelter for yourselves to sleep under. All of these factors just make up for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to travel half way around the globe to experience a situation like there. There are beautiful spots in South Devon which have been specifically isolated to give you the ultimate bushcraft experience. However, you needed be without your luxuries though, so feel free to bring your alcohol and chocolate. It is your Hen weekend and you shouldn’t be deprived of the essentials.

So, if this sounds like your cup of tea then, with all haste book it and don’t forget to hire a limo with us here at Lux Limo where quality service is always assured.

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