18th birthday parties don't come around very often. In fact, they only come around once. Alright, we know that's technically true for every age and every birthday (you're only going to turn nine once, and you certainly aren't going to be 25 twice) this is especially more significant for your 18th birthday, and the birthday party in Burton on Trent that you'll be having.

You see, your 18th birthday (as you're no doubt very much aware of) is an incredibly poignant and important age in your life. It signals the start of your journey into true adulthood – you can now, legally at least, do so many more things. You can marry, you can smoke, you can drink, you can gamble, you can buy age-restricted DVDs and video games – the world is very much your oyster!

So surely a massively important age such as this requires a birthday party in Burton on Trent that really shows off and commemorates the importance of this event? And you're right – it does, which is why you've no doubt be planning something truly extra special such as a night out in Burton on Trent town centre with you and all your friends. After all, now that you're 18 (or will be!) you can get into all of those exciting bars, clubs and pubs for a night out, so make the most of it!

And one way to truly make the most of it is to check out our 18th birthday party limo hire services in Burton on Trent here at Lux Limo. We've got some amazing packages and deals on our limousines that are just perfect for nights out, particularly that first forray into the world of late night partying and clubbing such as on your 18th birthday.

The limousine of choice, the one that is most perfectly suited to this situation, is by far the party bus limo. It is the most unique limousine in our entire fleet and it is designed with partying, dancing and clubbing in mind!

The party bus limo for hire in Burton on Trent is the only limo in our fleet at Lux Limo that is capable of letting people stand up and move around inside. That's why we've got our party bus limos fitting with a full dance floor, dancing pole, disco laser lights and a massively powerful sound system (complete with massive sub woofer speakers) to give you the ultimate and most personal night club experience around – right in the back of a limousine!

There's space for 15 people on board, as well as luxury leather seats, a champagne bar and flatscreen TVs for ultimate entertainment. You can even connect your iPod or MP3 player up to the sound system and let your favourite tunes blare out – and with free champagne in the on board bar, this couldn't be more perfect! What other night club around would give you free drink and let you control the music? Only the party bus limo in Burton on Trent!

So to make your booking for your 18th birthday party, just call Lux Limo on 0800 002 9475 or on 0845 055 0740 for your instant and free quote, or to make your low deposit booking. Alternatively, you can also email us info@lux-limo.co.uk – however you choose to get in touch is totally up to you!

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