We don’t want to leave you hanging around or anything but, if you truly are a white-knuckle, thrill seeking, dare-devil kind of party people please, consider paying a visit to one of the nearest bridges and jumping off. Okay, of course we are not serious and we value your essential custom and your choosing of us as your limousine firm of choice to lose you, we are just introducing the wonderful world of Limo Hire Bungee Jumping and how we here at Lux Limos can transport you in the utmost style and elegance to this crazy, exhilarating and frankly dangerous activity.

The art of Limo Hire Bungee Jumping has its roots in various cultures and traditions from tribal rites of passage using vines to showing off modern feats of engineering and wonderment by shoving a bus with 200 people on board, off a platform and have them bounce to an eventual stop. However, Limo Hire Bungee Jumping as we know it in the modern day was first innovated by students of a club at Oxford University who bungeed off the Clifton Suspension Bridge back in 1979. Although they were arrested, this did not stop them from taking on some of Americas most foreboding structures. It is from this unwillingness to conform to the norm that gave life into the world of Limo Hire Bungee Jumping.

Limo Hire Bungee Jumping

And just like those jumpers from all those years ago, we here at Lux Limos fly in the face of convention and norms of travelling. Here, we think, why should you, as a fine and upstanding member of the community have to travel in a style that does not accentuate your fantastic nature at person? Why should you have to make do with the ‘rest’ when we are more than happy to accommodate the needs of you and give you the best? Well, that’s exactly what we do. We endeavour to give you a service that not only dazzles you but the sheer quality and proficiency leaves a lasting impression on your mind of your day and limousine experience for years to come.

Imagine you and your friends, if you will, travelling to the nearest venue that meets your bungee needs, but courtesy of a pink, white of black Limo Jeep which takes your breath away with its sheer size, look and interior features. Just picture yourself cruising about town with a firm smile affixed on your face and a glass of bubbly casually held in your hand as you sigh in some form of relaxed ecstasy and think to yourself; “finally, I am being treated by the VIP I deserve to be. Or if you want to go to something more extravagant and something that really says something about you as a fun loving person feel free to book a Fire Engine limo or a Party Bus to really get celebrations in full swings.

You can find Limo Hire Bungee Jumping centres near most tall structures and some urban communities, wherever they are, they are nearly always never too far away and we will always be happy to take you there safely, stylishly and soundly.

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