Back in the mid nineties, a bunch of charming lads came forth from Ireland with the goal of taking over the pop world. They believed that a mixture of their Gaelic charm and handsome faces would make big strides in the industry and an even bigger impact on the charts. Needless to say, they did and became on of the most successful boy bands ever throughout the annals of history. The band of which we are referring to is, of course, Boyzone limo hire.

Maybe you were a firm supporter of the band back in the day and knew all the words to all their hits and when the split did happen in January 2000, you may have been absolutely heartbroken. However, we here in Lux Limo, in our infinite wisdom have some interesting knowledge that might perk you up a little bit.

Boyzone concert limo hire

So, if you have been an undying devotee to Ronan and the rest of the lads from their early days, to their split at the end of the nineties right to their reformation a year ago, you no doubt realise that they are going to be gracing the stage again soon. Yes indeed, following the successful revival of pop counterparts, Take That limo hire, limo hire Boyzone have firmly jumped back on the ‘bandwagon’ to see if they can recapture the magic that they held over their myriads of fans, young and old, back in their prime.

So what better way to herald in the second coming then by indulging yourself in cheap Boyzone limo hire and coming to us and ordering a pink 8-seater limousine for you and your friends to travel to the venue of your choice. Our expertly trained and professional chauffeurs will get you safely and securely to the venue on time and, at your request, will be waiting diligently at the end of the concert to pick you up once again and take you back home in the sheer blissful comfort one can only find inside a Boyzone hire limousine. You can toast the return of Boyzone limo hire by pouring you and your friends copious amounts of champagne that we complimentarily provided for you as a ‘thank you’ for choosing our limousine service. What’s more, you can thoroughly utilise the fantastic audio and laser lighting system that is present in our limousines and stick on their greatest hits. As soon as the first bar of the first track rings out we can guarantee that you and your girlfriends will be instantly transformed back to your teenage years and you will be singing along to the boys at the top of your voice and in fine fettle as you relive your childhood inside our cheap limo hire vehicles with your friends joining you with great aplomb.

So, if you are yet to book a ticket do so! And get a fine helping of nostalgia served up to you as well as a thoroughly fine evening that will be supplied, in part, by us at Boyzone Limo hire, where great quality always shines out to you.

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