We have all, at some time been blind drunk, fumbling our way back home after a heavy night and often falling asleep on our doorstep with the keys still grasped firmly in the palms of our hands. We have all been blinded by love, enchanted by that very pretty girl who doesn’t ever seem to notice you, likes you just as a friend or worse, uses you up and then dumps you suddenly without a care in the world. Luckily the latter hasn’t happened to the chief Stag and you are about to embark on some of the best days of his unmarried life in the form of a Stag weekend. However, what better activity to contribute to the excitement of the whole proceedings than by adding another type of blindness to the limo hire Stag’s repertoire in the form of blind driving limo hire?

Yes, you have read that right; open up the world of fear, intrigue, and suspense of something that is sure to get even the most discerning adrenaline junkies of your gang’s blood pumping faster than ever. It is hard to imagine putting yourself behind a vehicle of any description and then being asked to negotiate a series of obstacles blind, you would consider the idea preposterous. limo hire Blind driving is the ultimate in team bonding because you have to put your faith and safety in the hands of you mates. It begs you to ask the question: Do you trust him enough? All sorts of things will start rushing through your mind. You mate can’t even be trusted to buy a round for the lads in a pub, but now you are putting your trust firmly in his hands.

It may seem like total madness, but believe me it is very, very fun and is that little bit different and is sure to build stronger friendships between your mates. You laugh, you’ll shout as your mate frantically barks out commands of “left” and “right” and ultimately directs you to many a dead end. Whatever you do, however, you must leave the blindfold on, your mate got you into this mess and he should be the one to get you out of it. The fun and levity that you’ll experience on this original stag activity will lay heavily on your mind and memories for a very long time and you will definitely be talking about this excursion when you return home at the end of the Stag weekend limo hire.

However, there is someone you can always ultimately trust to deliver you to your venue in time and in a total professional manner it is one of our fantastic chauffeurs here at Lux Limo. Imagine you and your limo hire Stag gang riding the high life inside one of our black or white 35ft Limo hire Jeeps, on deep in the belly of the beast, in the form of a black Hummer limo hire. Whatever you decide to ride in you will receive the utmost comfort and luxury and be safe in the knowledge that you are being transported by the best, here at blind driving limo hire

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